Early Onset Tinnitus Information Video

If you are in an early-onset situation with the tinnitus being present for up to a few weeks, then this video presents good information for you. We also call this “Recently Acquired Tinnitus” and have a step by step video eCourse available for recent onset cases under “Courses.”

[Accessible to members with access to "Module 1" only. Members receive self-paced or guided support and can try a complimentary program to get to know us better. Visit http://www.curetinnitus.org/st...-tinnitus/ for more information]

4 thoughts on “Early Onset Tinnitus Information Video

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    Hmmm…my video clipping tool seems to have accentuated the delay, and even made the volume discrepancy between our voices more pronounced. I will look into whether I can make an adjustment. Otherwise, please note that there are volume differences that are a bit excessive in this video.

  2. Sam

    As someone who’s tinnitus kicked in exactly two weeks ago, I am finding (as Julian suggests) that deep relaxation seems to really be the key to having it tone down. I see now how my life had become very out of control- I was going, going, going and couldn’t even really sit still for very long. Joking with my friends that I had developed adult ADHD, I realize now how very hyped and stressed I was. My symptoms have toned down dramatically during the day- though nights and mornings are more active. The sleep state seems to relax part of my brain but the tinnitus perceiving part is still staying a bit revved up. In the past week, I have had two accupuncture appointments, Reiki and a cranial sacral session. I cut out coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat, dairy and have been eating mainly a macrobiotic type diet. I can’t believe how good I feel physically. Meditation has also been extremely helpful and I have scheduled an appointment with a psychotherapist. I am hoping that the healing will continue if I stay the course. I also plan to address the TMJ I have from a car accident I was in, with gentle chiropractic and dental work. I am sharing this so that those with early onset symptoms can feel hopeful that their problem can be helped sooner, rather than later. Blessing to all tinnitus sufferers!

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      Sam, sounds really good. It sounds like you are really doing well, and that’s wonderful. I had another member email me about something I’d call “therapy burnout,” where a tinnitus person has a totally full, revved-up, schedule of one treatment or therapy after the other. The danger with that is that maybe you just quit when it gets to be too much…or maybe it really is too much. A friend of mine had a stroke after abruptly switching to a vegetarian diet. Gosh, I don’t like how it feels to write that…I mean, I’m basically moving to a raw foods diet, and it seems like I’m OK. Safety is important, and my friend was and still is quite “coagulated,” and he hasn’t really looked at cleaning his system. So, definitely use your “feelers” to make sure things feel good and that you are headed in a good direction. I really like your posts, thank you for your spirit and contribution!

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