Dear person with tinnitus: How much of your budget is really for you?


If you have tinnitus, I invite you to ask yourself, “how much of your budget is really for you?” If you know know someone who has tinnitus, but don’t have it yourself, I invite you to assess how much of that person’s money goes to him/herself, and how much goes to others. 

There are likely people with tinnitus, who might have “mirrors” or “reflections” of issues with giving and receiving, however, I invite you to contemplate victim and sacrificial patterning along with your treatment of tinnitus or your support of someone with tinnitus. Maybe you have tinnitus, but drive everyone around you into serving you. Maybe you have tinnitus, and you relentlessly serve others without receiving. 

So, that’s why I ask, how much of your budget is really for you?

Budgeting is a “result” of your internal patterning…so I could also ask…how much of your time is really for you?

  • Do these questions speak to you? 
  • In what way?

2 thoughts on “Dear person with tinnitus: How much of your budget is really for you?

  1. Lauren

    I have been engaging in this program and finding it so helpful. I have listened to the shows and find Julian an inspiring healer. I am posting this tag to this particular question because today I plopped down over $700 for a master herbalist who has written books, is loving and supportive and is also an extraordinary healer, because I finally decided that I am worth the best support and care I could find. I am a single mom and have been giving so much to my daughter that she is a bit spoiled and it has worn me out. Saving for her college, working, and taking care of a home has been my real priority. Somehow leaving my deeper, healing needs to whatever my insurance would handle. Now I am feeling much more engaged and responsible for my own healing.

    I am also finding, dare I say – the ringing becoming more and more background and when I hear it loud, like Julian, I now try to notice what is going on that caused such a stir in me.

    Tata for now!

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