Tinnitus Tip: Tinnitus and Commitment

Is it possible that when confronted with you really need to do now to help yourself get better[private_Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse], [firstname], that you flee? How hard is it to really look at what needs to be done and actually do it? How hard is it to really look at:

  • past trauma
  • difficult relationships
  • life issues
  • career issues
  • the way you respond to stressors
  • tendency to overwork
  • controlling behavior
  • personal dissatisfaction
  • dissatisfaction with others
  • physical issues that you’ve neglected
  • exercise habits
  • diet
  • over-punctuality, or otherwise exaggerated positive characteristics (or maybe “unbalanced” positive characteristics)
  • …all the things we’ve learned about tinnitus people, and the individual ways, in which they apply to you, [firstname] and your life.

10 sessions of this, or a bottle of these pills, you know, that probably won’t cut it for you, and if it does, good for you. If it hasn’t yet, then maybe it’s time to try a more centered, guided, and all-encompassing approach. The theory is that tinnitus just can’t stand well-being, so why not get the help you need to enter into a state of well-being?

[/private_Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse]