Tinnitus Tip: Tinnitus and Commitment

Is it possible that when confronted with you really need to do now to help yourself get better[Accessible to members with access to "Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps Ecourse" only. Members receive self-paced or guided support and can try a complimentary program to get to know us better. Visit for more information]

One thought on “ Tinnitus Tip: Tinnitus and Commitment

  1. Lindy

    How do you know me so well, LOL

    I had an appointment last week with a counselor and we addressed those very issues. When I read those descriptions they fit me to a T.

    And just as you warned me (Dainis or Julian)the tinnitus skyrocketed, and headaches returned. It is easy to pinpoint these areas and quite another matter to deal with them.

    One day at a time, however; today I am going to have some fun. No thoughts of tinnitus. My son is 30 so we might as well party. Looking forward to listening in tomorrow.

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