Tinnitus Tip: Onset Incident or Cause?

Exposure to loud noise
Anaesthetics, surgery, operations

Side effects of some medicines
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5 thoughts on “ Tinnitus Tip: Onset Incident or Cause?

  1. Lindy

    Well I got the e mail for this topic even though it says that it’s only available to members… and I AM thinking about the “join us” option, but I want to comment anyway.

    I see so much that’s connected. My eyesight (at one time I ordered a program to help my eyesight) my TMJ problems, high blood pressure, hypo/hyperglycemia issues, arthritis. From my perspective, they are all symptoms of the same thing. Not taking care of myself. I identify with so many of the triggers, it’s amazing I can hear at all. No wonder tinnitus screams at me:

    Overwhelming emotional situations; Great fear; Anger and frustration;
    Overtiredness; Too much change; Too much responsibility; Stress; Long term worry e.g. court case, divorce, money problems; Exhaustion; Jaw problems & major dentistry; Lack of being looked after or supported;
    Being too compliant and not being allowed to say NO

    So yes I fit the profile. I also have a strong aversion to being touched, making the body work difficult. I have a long time friend that does acupuncture, however, and I have been working with her, it has been easier to let her touch me. So I feel like I am making progress. I also have an appointment with a counselor next week. I’ve been doing body awareness work before bed and sleeping much better, especially after moving into another bedroom. My ear is still screaming; not quite so loudly. Feeling more relaxed although a long way to go.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Thank you for your open and honest comment. We are in this together, and my heart goes out to you. It’s clear that you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know the work that needs to be done…as do I…we are here to support each other with the leadership of experts. We are here to follow in the footsteps of those who have succeeded at getting to where we want to go, and who know very well “where we are” right now, because they’ve been through it themselves.

  2. LaDaine Wandell

    I would love to join you. I cannot afford your monthly fee at this time. There is nothing left that I can cut except groceries and I need that $80.00 each month for food. I hope I will keep recieving your emails, they do help!! Thank you.

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