Tinnitus Tip: Do you already know what you need to do?

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2 thoughts on “ Tinnitus Tip: Do you already know what you need to do?

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    Good question for the next Cure Tinnitus Show.

    Basically, coming into well being is helpful. It is not appropriate to say whether a burst ear drum can or can’t get better. The ear drum situatoin may or may not be the cause of your tinnitus.

    And, well, some people misinterpret hope as a promise and advice as a prescription, so answering your question would be inappropriate.

    I can say that if I had a burst ear drum, that I would search around for ways to heal it…and I would seek out people who’d already done so (or therapists who claim to have helped others heal). I’d also expect to pay a bit to weed out stuff that works and doesn’t work and not “get mad” about finding things that don’t work. It’s a part of finding what works.

    That’s same strategy I took for tinnitus. But I don’t have a burst ear drum…so the best I can say is what I would do…and you essentially, by even accessing this website, commit to taking full responsibility for your own health and actions.

    Moving forward, the principles we teach here at guide people to well being. Well being is the opposite of tinnitus.

    You choose comfortable physical, mental, emotional therapies and activities and surround yourself with a network of support (positive, loving people).

    Making healthy choices, accessing helpful therapists, these kinds of things can really be wonderful.

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