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  1. Lindy

    Your tip brought tears to my eyes. Yup I sure identify with these things. I just quit my job because I had HAD it. That’s a good thing, really, because I’ve been bothered by things for a long time and it contributes to health issues, including tinnitus. However, it brings more stress.

    I’ve been wondering what I am so angry about. It is like the reason isn’t accessible to me. I don’t even want to do what I tell myself to do! I’m rebelling against myself! What an odd thing.

    So as soon as I can figure out what I am avoiding, maybe I can stop. The more I think about it the more I don’t know, there’s something I am missing. Not sure what.

    So as much as I couldn’t afford to contribute before on a regular basis, now I don’t even have a job. ARgh.

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    Dear Lindy,

    Thanks for sharing. I really feel for you. My recent work has led me to some concepts that might provide a helping hand. Oh, also, it’s moving for me that you responded to this post, because I wrote it, it’s about my life, you know? It’s nice to have a site where posts by Dr. Greuel or Julian Cowan Hill bring such major aha moments, that peoples’ tinnitus vanishes (happened recently), where lives are improves, where tinnitus is diminished or affected, etc., but when someone responds to a post of mine…that’s quite special for me. So thanks. 🙂

    Now, what comes up for me comes is something I learned from Michele Toomey of mtoomey.com. These resentments, problems, issues, struggles, etc., they are always finite. Always. You can list them. The list ends. You run out of stuff to put down on the list.

    How to deal with the items on the list…that’s something you’ll be able to find. Lots of people help. Counseling, therapists, etc.

    Here’s my list from your post:

    1) Dealing with resentments from the job you quit (or just relishing in the relief)
    2) What next regarding your work and income?
    3) What things are you bothered by?
    4) What causes you stress?
    5) Seems like the anger is buried. A good therapist will help you deal with that. Quiet meditation. Nice incense. Time alone. Walking barefoot.
    6) You rebel…even against yourself. Dealing with authority figures from your past who may have violated you could come into play. It might not be “yourself” that you are rebelling against, it might be a kind of power struggle when being commanded or ordered or advised.
    7) Avoiding. Not sure what you’re avoiding, but there’s something you’re missing. Again, asking some particularly warm-hearted relatives or friends might give you some clues. Just looking at yourself in the mirror and practicing our loud for your next job interview could also show you exactly what you are avoiding.

    …and seeking the help of professional therapists, who are paid to be 100% there for you, no agendas, can really really help.

    8) Arrrgh

    My response is. Good good. Letting the emotions show. Know that they’ve been received, they’ve been heard and accepted.

    Things can come together for you. It is up to you, which is the cool part of all of this. It’s just that your list of “less than optimal” stuff…is finite. It has an end. When you figure out how to deal with the items on the list, you’ll just breathe a wonderful sigh of relief. When you make the list, you’ll be relieved, cuz it will all be right there. And when you’ve dealt with things and found loving support, you might just forget about the “negative” list altogether and concentrate on all the wonderful things in your life.

    Julian’s eBook has some good exercises for concentrating on well-being, and I’m sure there are things that come to mind for you right now, that you enjoy, that center you on well-being and on feeling good.

    At CureTinnitus.org, we know what you are going through and as its representative, I wish you the very best and am sending you a big smile from Vienna.


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