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  1. Generally, I am wondering about doing things that, in the short term might have a negative impact on the tinnitus, but, in the long term, overall will be good for me. In particular, I am thinking about having all of my mercury dental fillings removed. I think that having all this toxic metal in my head is not a good thing! So, having them removed seems to be a good thing. However, my tinnitus is still pretty reactive right now, so I wonder if it’s the best time to have seven fillings removed — i.e. if my body will experience it as trauma and just be my nervous system all jacked-up again.
  2. If I get a clean bill of health from my doctors and still have tinnitus, what do I do then? How do I stop obsessing that this is, indeed, a “sign” of something “wrong” with my health that will manifest at some point?  How can someone get a symptom like this in the absence of any hearing loss?
  3. What about intense exercise and tinnitus?  I started Bikram yoga and like it but it’s a bit stressful too because of the heat in the room.  I hear the tinnitus during the class (it’s relatively quiet) but sleep better that evening.  Should I continue?  Are aerobics dance classes which are more enjoyable a better bet?
  4. What’s with this feedback loop concept?  Am I listening now that I’ve “identified” the sound and can’t stop “listening” for it unconsciously in the background?
  5. Should I do TRT?
  6. How can I explain the sudden onset?
  7. Causes:  are they sure sinuses have nothing to do with this?  What about finally going off benzos (Klonopin) after using them for 15 years???  I’ve read that can cause tinnitus.  I am currently on Ativan, 1 mg. 2x/day because it helps calm down the tinnitus and helps me relax.  That’s a benzo too but diff. than Klonopin.

Show format: Gathered questions, one-on-one between Dainis and Julian, live questions, exercise everyone can do together.

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3 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #9

  1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    detox, don’t just remove fillings. have a program to handle the toxins. if you can, figure out a way to measure levels of toxicity, i don’t know how to do that. supposedly having fillings removed can push a surge of mercury into your system (in particular based on the practitioners level of skill and care). my main response is to not just remove the fillings but to remove them and have a thorough detox program in place that will be gentle and effective.

  2. Timothy Fortin

    Thanks so much for the thoughts on detox. Luckily, I had heard about the need to detox and would be seeing a biological dentist who also has a protocol for purging the mercury from the body as well as handling the greater exposure, which is likely while the mercury is being drilled — though they try to minimize exposure as much as possible…

    Thanks again!

  3. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    I like the path where you start with supplements and herbs first, well before any drilling. You feel the benefits of detox and gain a sense for what “too much” feels like regarding the supplements as well. Removal then, is just a step along the way, but not the first step. Herbs, exercise, inner work, these come first, and hey, tinnitus is helping you get there. What a wonderful benefit 🙂

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