Cure Tinnitus Show #28

A heartfelt show with a settling grounding exercise at the outset. Your questions were wonderful. Thank you!

Here is a YouTube excerpt for guests:

…and the complete member show is available below (with download links)

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blessings2 all of u!

— dainis

15 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #28

  1. Richard Allen

    Hi Dainis,

    You and I had an email exchange about the potential berefits of low level laser therapy for hearing-loss related tinnitus, specifically Dr. Lutz Wilden’s practice in Bavaria and you had suggested I post here…I had first read about this from another of our members several months ago, contacted Dr. Wilden (most helpful), used one of his home devices with some improvement, then visited his office in February. As we all know, no single form of treatment works universally, but I am pleased with the continued improvement and this is in my view another modality to be considered seriously; it has been around for many years, the basis is logical (to me), yet surprisingly little is known by most ENTs, who are not trained in or have not really focused on treating tinnitus……and ‘learn to live with it’ is not an acceptable suggestion! See informative website, and enquiries can be made by emailing him the one-page history form and audiogram.

    Would be interested in Julian’s comments on this. Fyi, I have also found cranio-sacral work to be very helpful.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hi Richard, Yes, and I remember mentioning Dr. Wilden on a Cure Tinnitus Show at one point. Where many “tinnitus liberation seekers” fail is in doing too little too sporadically, or too much, but only sporadically, and with regard to Dr. Wilden’s practice “putting all your eggs in one basket,” which quite obviously, you have not done. The thing about the high dosage Low Level Laser Therapy, to me, is that, well, it looks relaxing. It also looks pleasant. And if Dr. Wilden is “most helpful,” then you have a missing component in Dr. Wilden that many tinnitus patients seek, namely, compassion.

      I am going to relate Dr. Wilden’s therapy to our 4 Program guidelines, which can be summed up as 1) therapy on psyche 2) physical therapy 3) steps that enhance personal well being that you do on your own 4) letting go into a network of support. So, basically, it seems like it’s more or less a physical treatment. But, if it’s also relaxing and pleasant and you can do it at home and actually need to take a break to do it, then you are incorporating a few more of our guidelines. If Dr. Wilden’s persona is kind and compassionate, then you have someone on your side, someone in your “network of support.”

      I mean, it’s just simply great that high dosage Low Level Laser Therapy is helping you enough to mention it here. Anyone drawn to it, should, in my opinion, give it a shot. Why exactly not?

      Basically, a doctor or therapist who just tells you “learn to live with it” is really doing many people an incredible disservice. For me, Richard, just your “voice” in this post has a certain realism and calmness. You write “no single form of treatment works universally,” right! So no need to get excited. I mean, if you abstract “achieve well being” into a “form of treatment” then you get a kind of conundrum effect, which is a bit silly: “ahh, you are sick, be well, that’s it.”

      However, Julian’s article on “take care of yourself properly and your tinnitus will take care of itself” is really really really worth considering, and is about as close to a “single form of treatment that works universally” as we can get. However, “take care of yourself properly,” as simple as it is, sometimes doesn’t give people all they need to take the next steps.

      So, we essentially repeat “pursue well being,” and divide it up into 4 “areas of life.” Mental/Emotional/Spiritual, Physical, Personal, and Social.

      From the looks of things, if you are also seeing a counselor or psychotherapist you like (who works for you), and you are doing your personal relaxation stuff (like going for walks, sailing, a hobby (again, doing what works for you), and you have a friendly network of family and friends or some kind of social support group, then you will have all of the components of the Program in place.

      There is a wonderful turning point a person with tinnitus can have in evaluating treatments, and that is moving from “did it work?” Meaning “is my tinnitus gone?” No, oh my god, this person is ripping me off how awful die and burn in h*ll you scam doctor therapist whoever %$§$! To “was it pleasant?” or “did it help?”

      Doing things that help a little…regularly, can add up to a whole lot of help. Adding up things that help a little in each of our 4 Guidelines can add up to a very healthy and appropriate therapeutic recovery plan.

  2. Meta_4

    Perhaps a discussion of how people with sensitive nervous systems and who are generally “over-reactive” or “hypersensitive” react to the development of the “awareness” of tinnitus differently than people with stronger emotional makeups. Example: my first cousin developed tinnitus but just was so calm about it and eventually he habituated to it, no big deal. I, on the other hand, went berserk for a while, claiming my life was over, until I found this website and Julian and Dainis AND was put on a benzodiazapene to calm me. I truly believe based on personal experience that there are connections between the panic some people experience when tinnitus rears up suddenly in some people and general anxiety disorders, etc. in the brain. Same centers affected? Have done some reading on this and wouldn’t mind a discussion if it’s possible. People with OCD, GAD, tinnitus – overactive nervous systems yes, but perhaps some research is pointing to a connection? I was prescribed Ativan (a benzodiazapene) to treat the anxiety and tinnitus and it has worked well. Yes, I know it’s “addictive” but the benzos keep the panic down and I’ve adjusted to the T…..or it’s lessened…..actually afraid to wean off the benzo for fear of return of tinnitus. Now that I think of it, can we have a discussion too about medications like benzos that are often used to treat the tinnitus because it somehow calms the area of the brain that produces the T in the first place? Anyway, some suggestions……thanks.

  3. Sajjan Swami

    Hi Dainis and Julian!
    Thanks for everything. The new website is better but still, I have not checked it out to thoroughly.

    I am glad to hear that you are planning this show to deal with the deeper stuckness. I have been helped tremendously by the shows and this website and you guys.
    I am dealing well with my “T” but have not as yet had it go away. Where can I look within, and what areas can I discover that are the cause.
    My ability to have SCT are limited due to my travel schedule. But my dailiy meditation and calming meditations and yoga are regular.

    thanks again… Sajjan

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hi Sajjan, thank you very much for your kind comments. From where I sit, your next steps may include: map your current therapy plan to the 4 Guidelines, which can be summarized: psychotherapy or equivalent, CST massage physical therapy or equivalent, personal relaxation stuff, letting go into a network of support. As I understand it, you help a lot of people, can you look to see if some “stuff” may be hanging out with you from other people? Quite a wonderful resource for people who travel especially is using “grounding technology.” By that I mean sleeping using a grounded sleep system that you plug into an outlet (that is properly grounded) and you experience the wonderful healing energies of the earth.

      You will see a lot when you look within, and what I see from here is pretty clear. If your ability to have CST is limited due to your travel schedule, maybe that’s actually not really true. Your ability to have CST from the same person is limited, but your ability to have body based therapy is not limited. It could become a part of your contract. You land, settle, and at some point before you go, you have body based therapy of some kind with a particularly resonant and helpful and healing person who is a part of the group that invited you. You might even get to experience all different kinds of body based therapies. Maybe even kinds you’ve never heard of. 🙂

      You are highly skilled at meditation and calming on your own, and you may want to figure out a creative solution for personal counseling. Some kind of “in person when you are at home, via skype when you are not” … not sure.

      Next is your network of support. If you have more of a circuit that you travel, then it could be really nice to figure out whom you’d trust to lean on a bit when you’re in town. Finding synergistic physical in person friendships could be a helpful step.

      Essentially, I am just mapping the 4 Program Guidelines to what you’ve posted and intuitively seeking ways to supplement your current healing plan.

      In gratitude,

  4. Jake

    Hi, thank you for the website. I signed up on the main site, I’m trying to figure out how to login to the site, it says that I am not registered at that site. Thanks in advance!

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      hi, actually, this comment is at the dev site, so you are here. right now, i’m handling new registrations personally until we’re up and running with the newly launched 3.0 site. please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions. 🙂

  5. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    it’s pretty clear that CTO has been going through changes. some have asked “are you still around?” we have not done show #28 yet, and there are very good reasons for the “pause” in live shows. certainly, ask away — this is “our” site and this website is here for your healing. regardless of an upcoming show or not — there is an absolute wealth of healing information at this site that can facilitate your healing path.

    i do think we’ll be having show #28 soon, but in the meantime, let’s deal with your questions via text comments, posts, etc.


    hang in there ya’ll cuz the holidays can be rough for T!

    we can do it!

  6. Profile photo of A HA H

    Hi Dainis,

    I’m writing this comment here, because I don’t know where else to put it! I know this is probably not the best spot for this, but here goes. I would love to accept your friend request, and read your message, but I can’t! When I click on either notification, I’m redirected to the home page. Hopefully, you can help with that or let me know when I’m doing wrong.

    Secondly, I would like to thank you for this site. I found it in at the exact moment I needed it most. It’s introduced me to Julian’s work as well, and it’s been so helpful. Anyway, hope to hear from you.

      1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

        thank you so much for giving me a heads up 🙂

        to maintain server security, the technical provider for this site updates, basically everything, basically automatically and continuously…but what happens is that settings disappear and little glitches show up.

        i’ll have to change your password to log into your profile, see what’s going on, fix it, and then i will send you your login access with a temporary password that you can change…

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