Cure Tinnitus Show #25

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[Accessible to members with access to "Module 1" only. Members receive self-paced or guided support and can try a complimentary program to get to know us better. Visit for more information]

16 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #25

  1. Robert M Bostwick

    I wake up every morning to a loud shrill whine in my head. Sometimes it quiets a bit once I get into my day. But even if it does quiet during the day (and this is somewhat rare) the next morning (and when I go to bed) it back roaring again. Any idea why? Anything I can do? I’m very frustrated…

    1. Dainis W. Michel

      I understand your frustration. Check back on Show #24 and see how many of the 4 Program Guidelines you’ve applied in your life. That’s the “path” for you to discover the reasons.

      Can you share more about your results on the “Fight of Flight Questionnaire” as well as your “tinnitus story?” What’s going on? Are you in a stressful situation? Are you applying the 4 Guidelines?

      You might want to tell us a bit more, if you can, so we can do a better job of supporting you…

  2. Mike Bostwick

    Thanks Dainis. I have been so bad… I’ve been a member for months and have almost never accessed the site. I’ve seen one or two videos and that’s it. Part of the problem – other than I’m pretty busy and I’m too lazy to take the time to do the work – is that it is a bit hard for me to find things on the site. For example, I don’t know what the 4 Guidelines are. If I do search on your site for “4 Guidelines” I don’t turn up anything that is clearly “4 Guidelines”. So I have had trouble navigating the site and finding things. How can I find these guidelines? (I DID find your flight or fight questionnaire and I will complete that. A quick skim and I would guess I am generally in the “C” range… with an occasional day in the B or even A range!)

    Briefly, my story is that I developed tinnitus 8-9 years ago. Best described as a jet engine in my head. A 9.5 out of 10 in loudness and psychological pain. I began anti anxiety and anti depressants for years this helped greatly. I am on a low dose of anti-anxiety meds – mostly just at night to help me sleep (with a sleeping pill). My tinnitus goes up and down (from 0.5 to 8.0 on a scale of 10). Some terrible days (like the old days) many “bad” or “so-so” days and occasional good days. However every night no matter how good my day has been my tinnitus begins to ramp up. And EVERY morning I wake up with my tinnitus roaring. I meditate every morning for 30 – 60 minutes and after mediation and a warm shower my tinnitus is usually better (not always). The first few years of tinnitus I used to feel BETTER after a nap or a good night of sleep. Now a nap – even sitting up in a chair to nap for 5 -10 minutes ramps up my tinnitus. I would think that my tinnitus would be better after some rest but this doesn’t seem to be my case… Wondering what I can do?

    I noticed in you email to me that my subscription was canceled. Did my membership expire?
    Many thanks for your help.

    PS. Loved your music. I will have to visit your website!

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      ahh…this show with Julian is on Monday Nov 22nd.

      We are doing a special video series with Jen B and are interested in gathering feedback from you all about what you need covered.

  3. Denise Chapman

    My Story: I have had tinnitus for approx 2 years now. It began when we put our farm up for sale… I really did not want to sell it and this caused HUGE stress in me… we sold, moved to another province, hated it after 4 months and came back… from there my immune system went nuts and I developed allergies and a wicked sinus infection… it took almost a year for the Dr.’s to diagnose the sinus infection and put me on antibiotics for it. After that…the ringing began… I’ve had sinus problems off and on the past 2 yrs… the ringing is louder now than it ever has been.

    I have tried chiropractor… aggrivates it… have gone for about 12 sessions of that… I have a wonderful massage/cranialsacral therapist… that usually provides some wonderful relief for a bit but this last session really got things ramped up again… I am taking St. John’s Wort to help me sleep and it really does help… and I am taking 420,000 UI of Serrapeptase everyday (comparble to Wobenzym N) to see if that works. I’ve ready some people have had their tinnitus completely disappear after a couple bottles of serrapeptase.. it removes inflammation in the body, plaque in the arteries and makes mucous more viscous.

    I am also using Andrew Parr’s tinnitus hypnosis sessions and that does help as well.

    When I saw my massage therapist the other day, she noticed immediately that I was more centered and feeling better… I did have several good days last week… so I do see that it can be lessened… where I live is extremely quiet.. I was able to work in my office all day without any other noise other than the sounds of the computer.

    My tinnitus is that high pitched kind of shrill sound… and when it’s not really loud, it doesn’t really bother me. I still haven’t really figured out what makes it worse or better… but just nice to be experiencing some good days now.

    I felt suicidal at times, too … and even very recently… the Dr. told me about 10 days to “just live with it” and wouldn’t prescribe anything to help me sleep… so that’s why I started the St. John’s Wort and that has made a lot of difference. I can fall back asleep if I wake up in the middle of the night… and middle of the night is always the most anxious time.. so this is a good step.

    Anyway, I’m a little overwhelmed by all the info here and just trying to figure out where to start. I also want to find the section where you say what to avoid, what is a waste of money etc…

    So, here I am… feeling hopeful now that I have found you. I believe very strongly the brain can be re-retrained… this I am certain of and I’m ready to do it.

    I like the idea that tinnitus is an alarm in my body… telling me that there is a malfunction somewhere in the system… and after the last 2 years of mega stress, I can fully understand that things have to change.

    I am exercising every day, losing weight and have stopped eating sugar. I know that if my body is in optimum health it will better deal with stress. AND one of the big things causing stress is finances so this week we are getting things in order with the bank to make things less stressful in that dept… I won’t be waking up in a panic about money and THAT should help a lot, too…

    One thing I find interesting is that some people can’t go to restaurants or pubs etc… anywhere there is lots of noise. Why is that? For me, having others around completely masks my tinnitus. It’s only when it’s quiet that it is really noticeable.

    Oh, I also suffer a lot of neck and shoulder pain from working on my computer all day. I often wondered if this was the ’cause’ of the tinnitus as the pain in the shoulder runs right up into the left side of the neck.. and my t is only on the left.

    Ok, ramble ramble… enough for now. Thanks for listening if you go this far! 🙂

  4. Meta_4

    I would love to see a show that devotes some time to sleep issues – either not being able to fall asleep or not being able to stay asleep (waking every couple of hours, etc.). It seems to coincide with tinnitus flares. What I find interesting is that I can go along without any sleep issues, sleep like a baby, for weeks and months and then suddenly, as if a switch has been flipped, I either can’t fall asleep or I keep waking up (light sleep)…..obviously something triggers this but it’s hard to know if it’s stress about something, or physiological – either way, eventually it resolves (might be a few weeks) but during this time it’s extremely stressful just living and going about normal activities, and the tinnitus does seem to become more prominent during these episodes of poor sleep. It it purely anxiety over lack of sleep that makes the tinnitus louder? Is it something physiological about sleep or lack thereof that exacerbates it? Is tinnitus somehow tied physiologically to our sleep mechanism. Any suggestions or explanations would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Denise Chapman

      That’s a great idea.. I feel if I could get regular rest, not drug induced, that it would be far less noticeable… is there a section somewhere on possible drug side effects that could be causing tinnitus? I take hydrothorochlorozide…a diuretic… been taking for 3 yrs… and tinnitus started approx 3 yrs ago… dr. says it is not ototoxic… but now I wonder…

  5. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    From M.M.

    Hi I have a question I wondered if you could please cover in your next show?

    My tinnitus has been up and down for 18 months. I am comfort eating and drinking to get some short term pleasure away from the grind of the tinnitus. I am about three stones overweight right now and put off starting exercise programs as I think – “What’s the point as my health is so rubbish with the tinnitus anyway”. So my question is, can being overweight and not doing any real exercise (apart from walking from a to b) keep the tinnitus going? Do tinnitus sufferers tend to be fit and healthy people who do exercise, or do they tend to be those who let themselves go a bit. I am worried also that the increased blood flow of exercise will make the tinnitus worse in the short term. Comments/advice please.

  6. Barry

    Hi Dainus,

    I have had 9 sacral cranial therapy sessions that were pleasant and helped me relax, however, I have not enjoyed any residual effect in terms of decreased tinnitus. Therefore, I need to explore other options

    I would like to know if there are any homeopathic remedies such as Quietus, T-gone, ring-stop that have helped anyone or are they all scams.

    Is there a general diet that has good results in alleviating tinnitus. What about herbs and vitamins and other supplements such as antiflammatory supplements?

    Lastly, Dainus, Is Biomental therapy what helped you reduce your tinnitus to a low level? Is it available though anyone else other than Dr Greuhl or do you have to travel to his clinic in Germany? I live in Wisconsin.

    My biggest question is, what therapy is most successful and available to alleve noise induced tinnitus associated with high frequency hearing loss

    Thank you

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hi Barry, we covered your question towards the end of the show. You might benefit from reviewing the 4 Program Guidelines here: and then cross-referencing the Well Being Matrix for Tinnitus from JCH’s eBook.

      You know, BioMental Training gave me conscious control of the volume. It was very neat to experience.

      The thing is that Dr. Greuel’s treatment is very soothing and it gives you power.

      There are other treatments and therapies that do that.

      I use herbs quite a bit, however, I generally mix my own. I use raw chocolate, maca, spirulina, reishi mushroom, goji berries, nutmeg, cinammon, jamaica pepper, cayenne…all kinds of stuff…and well…i like the herbs. they taste good. the boost immunity…oh properly dried organic blueberries mashed into a powder.

      These things have all come over time, as I’ve concentrated on my personal well being and committed to applying the 4 Guidelines in my life.

      You might want to check your therapy plan against:

      * the four Program Guidelines
      * Julian’s Well-Being Matrix
      * the Fight or Flight Questionnaire

      Let us know what gives you the most relief! 🙂

    2. Barry

      Thanks Dainus for your response. I will follow your suggestions. However, I am not able to view show #25. When I log in, I can only view the preparatory video for show #25.

  7. s.

    Thank you both for show #25. I have also have found Andrew Parr’s tapes very helpful.
    Kind Regards

    ps for Jennifer B’s show-more info on the unconcious and how it drives us.

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