Cure Tinnitus Show #24

Here’s is our first Video NewsFlash! Let’s keep things moving, orient ourselves to well being, and continue to talk about what’s working for you…

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14 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #24

  1. Mary MacNeil

    Hi Dainis . .I have a question I wondered if you could please cover in the next show.

    The process of being asleep & waking up is the single biggest factor on the changeability on the volume (and therefore the distress encountered) of my tinnitus. When I go to sleep at night I can wake up with the tinnitus either at the same volume as it was when I went to bed, it can quieten down, or it can really ramp up. The same applies if I have a half hour nap on the couch. This can be very frustrating if the noise goes up. Obviously from my perspective not much changes with my general well being for these periods of sleep time, and therefore it is unclear about the power of sleep/waking over my tinnitus.

    Can Julian please talk about this whole aspect of how tinnitus works with sleep/waking and any tips to keep the tinnitus loud spells from waking to a minimum.


  2. Ev

    Hi Dainis & Hi Julian,

    To clear up: I posted as “E” in the previous show, as I was not logged in. I posted the subject fear, to undergo treatment in neck and spine/back region.

    I did 2 sessions. The doctor said I need 5. After the first sessions my first reaction was..Damn, I walk so upright…That was a change..But it soon felt the same as before.

    Session 2, after that I could move my neck better. But by now it’s the same again.

    My treatment is to get all the neck- and spine-vertebrae to it’s right place again…And maybe it takes more time for my muscles to be better settled..

    Maybe Julian can give his comments on this situation??

  3. Jackie

    I am trying to think of some different questions that would benefit me, but also others – I haven’t studied the whole site so you might have covered these…

    Firstly, I have been doing really really well, but keep having massive crashes. These manifest as a combination of sleeplessness and a deep scarey depression. Most of the ‘healing’ sites I have explored in the past talk a lot about law of attraction and about how we are ultimately safe etcetc… but this is a tough concept to get my head around when I haven’t slept and the T is really severe and my mind feels lost and basically I am exhausted. I know it’s all about letting go and letting be, but find it really hard and then panic that I’m going to make myself really really ill because I can’t seem to get in a positive head space.

    Although I am doing well, these crashes happen on too regular a basis for me to fully engage with life at the moment (I am forever cancelling appointments and I have limited my piano teaching practice to 2 evenings a week). I am starting a sleep clinic course, but what can you orientate me towards on this site that would help? I think I also need some reassurance that this is normal in T healing.

    My main problem is definitely that every time I start to think I’m habituating I end up losing focus, having a spike, not sleeping, getting confused and depressed and end up fighting the T all over again.

    I hope this all makes sense. On a positive note I am determined to put my experience to good use when I am in a better place & look forward to a time when I can hassle you about that!

    Best wishes Jackie

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      I’m really enjoying our correspondence Jackie. Very glad to have you in guided support.

      To respond: there is a gentleness absent in panic, and all the “mumbo jumbo” can feel like a real “wash” when you’re in crisis and stuck with tinnitus.

      Your process certainly sounds normal. This is what it feels like to have tinnitus. What you are experiencing IS tinnitus. Sounds kind of dumb to put it that way…but everything you are relating accompanies having reached the state of tinnitus.

      Does canceling the appointments make you feel better or worse?
      Do you like teaching piano? Are you a “born teacher,” a “soloist,” an “accompanist?”
      How are you relating to your art right now?
      How are you relating to the four Program Guidelines?
      Do you have something in place for each guideline?

      You mentioned in an email where you are with regard to the Well Being Matrix for Tinnitus, and I am curious as to how you are doing with regard to the 4 Guidelines.

      You occasionally (or often?) find yourself in a crash and recover cycle…yes…we’ve heard it here before…just pick a random Cure Tinnitus Show…we’ve heard it before…now go for the 4 Guidelines and let us know what works for you.

      And regarding sleep…Julian’s eBook has exercises that may well compliment the sleep course you’ll be taking. I like clenching and relaxing…and I think it was Cure Tinnitus Show #19 at the end where we went through a sleep exercise…and there’s more on sleep here…just need to dig it up.

      Julian and I were talking about doing a section on sleep and tinnitus. Might be time to get that done.

      How is your sleep ritual going?

  4. Mary MacNeil

    Hi I have a question I wondered if you could please cover in your next show?

    My tinnitus has been up and down for 18 months. I am comfort eating and drinking to get some short term pleasure away from the grind of the tinnitus. I am about three stones overweight right now and put off starting exercise programs as I think – “What’s the point as my health is so rubbish with the tinnitus anyway”. So my question is, can being overweight and not doing any real exercise (apart from walking from a to b) keep the tinnitus going? Do tinnitus sufferers tend to be fit and healthy people who do exercise, or do they tend to be those who let themselves go a bit. I am worried also that the increased blood flow of exercise will make the tinnitus worse in the short term. Comments/advice please.

  5. C. H.

    I’ve been having difficulty getting sleep as well for a while, largely due to my not having an even sleeping schedule (or a schedule at all, really). I’m fixing that now though, and it’s becoming easier to fall asleep, aside from the days when I go to shows/concerts, which makes my tinnitus far worse for a good while.

    To those who are experiencing difficulty with sleeping, which can easily lead to frustration everywhere else in life, I’d recommend music – anything that’s gentle enough to sleep to, but at the same time interesting enough to take your mind off the inner noise.
    The best music I know for this, from my experience, is Sigur Rós, especially the album ( ).

    Other than music, I’d say that being part of a meditation group helps a lot. Attending a (very) small Buddhist meditation class was definitely one of the better decisions I’ve made, and my tinnitus is far more bearable (and a bit lower in volume) afterward. Sadly, it’s only on Tuesdays, so I only have access to this resource once per week.

    tl;dr: Music (Sigur Rós) and meditation are great.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      great recommendation C.H., thanks for sharing. yes, music and meditation certainly help.

      when integrating the 4 Program Guidelines, yes, in general, one habituates and begins to experience reduction in tinnitus volume.

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