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Hi Dainis,

After a short period of T-free happyness, my T (scale 4/10) came back for a few weeks (stressfull times, bought a house etc..). Did lots of relaxation exercises, stretching and yoga and now it’s gone again (scale 1/10).

I would like to ask Julian about the following:
Each time I do my relaxation or meditation exercises I can feel my upper body shift into another position. My shoulder, back- and neckmuscles calm down and relax after a few seconds of relaxation. When they do, my head immediately feels free from tension around the jaws and the back of the head. I think this means I walk around with to much muscletension all day. What can I do to keep these important muscles relaxed during the day while workig etc.

Keep up the good work!!!

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  1. s.

    Question for show # 23
    I am in a plateau phase with T. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst ( I used to be an 11….i am now at maybe a 2. This has been a long haul indeed…so i would appreciate some insight.
    Thank you both for your persiverence.

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    Hey s. do give us some more details, if you can, so we can discuss your situation…

    I’m glad you’re better and at a plateau. What is the plateau like? How did you get there? What did you do or stop doing?

    Can you define your next hurdle along with what has helped you the most so far?

  3. s.

    Firstly, I quit a job that was stressful. I accepted it when i was desperate for work. I have been working a contract job which is very well suited to my skills and talents (this is also a tremendous amout of work-but I am satified with it. It’s taken me years to get here, some underlying depresssion issues are being addressed. Also information on T is settling in to my psychie.
    Basically I’m getting on with life, and realize I don’t have to work a 5 day week…that’s a relief. and doing things I enjoy, and take care of myself. I have recently shed a negative friend or 2…thank you

  4. Barry

    I have tried several visits with 2 chiropractors, acupuncture 1/wk for 4 months and a few different massages without any inprovement to the tinnitus I am experiencing(sudden onset in April 2009 after a cold – audiogram shows moderate high frequency hearing loss in both ears). I have scheduled for myself for a first visit in CST based on Julian’s positive experience and to follow the 1st of your 4 program guidlines. Does CST normally serve to increase my “well being” as a body therapy alone or can it directly treat or eliminate a major contributor and/or cause of tinnitus?

  5. E


    A few issues to share.

    I went to a doctor orthomanual medicine(I think that’s the name in English) and he found that there are vertebrae wrong placed in my neck and my lower-back. I got tinnitus after a fall, and the docter saw that my neck-vertebrae did get a shock from the fall. Is this dangerous to get your back/neck manipulated? Cause on the dutch forum, they say it’s logical to get this therapy and maybe it will vanish tinnitus (as there are other members with neck problems and this was helpful). It’s seems logical to me as it started after a fall. With wrong placed vertebrae there are muscles under pressure and linked to the ear, some practisioners say…

    So…Julian, is this dangerous, painful? or is this THE thing I must go through?

    For Dainis:
    If there are people who are getting better with this program, PLEASE let me..or us know…

    In my opinion this site is not transparant enough..I want to know how it goes with the fellow-members. Sharing the good things, and above all…ENCOURAGE!!…I really find it hard to go on sometimes..

    (Interaction with improving members is in my opinion the most important thing, as the mission states ‘ Getting help from people who healed themself)..

    PS. I am Ev, but it seems I can;t log in

  6. D.H.

    Hi Dainis, You asked me to assess my progress so far according to the four pillars of the programme.

    1.) Bodywork: I’ve had three sacrocranial osteopathy sessions and will resume this in the autumn.
    2.) Counselling: I have had one skype session with Julian Cowan Hill. It was very helpful.
    3.) Personal work: I try to do half an hour of yoga most mornings. I also plan to take a fair bit out of my diary in the autumn plus I need to learn to say ‘no’ more often. I feel better if I have taken excercise and/ or had a quick nap in the afternoon.
    4.) Supportive people: I’m better at giving support than asking for it. I realise that this is an issue!

    When I started the programme shortly after developing T, I was terrified of tinnitus and felt that I had no control over it. I lay awake at night panicking that it would get worse. I am now much calmer about it, thanks largely to this site and Julian Cowan Hill’s e-book which I strongly recommend. I am beginning to realise that my pace of life consistently exceeds my energy levels and that my T is probably connected to this. For me, T fluctuates a lot, but when I have a bad patch I comfort myself that it will probably lessen after a few days if I take better care of myself. I have only had a few minutes of total relief in the past five months, sometimes before going to sleep or early in the morning, but I’m aware that I have a long way to go in the personal wellbeing stakes, so it would be surprising if I were already better. The school holidays are a very busy time for me and the fact that I have got through them without a major tinnitus meltdown is itself encouraging. I shall be tuning in for the next show! Best wishes, D.H.

  7. alon aldubi

    After suffering from a catastrophic tinnitus for almost two years,it subsided in the last month to level 5 in a scale of 1-10 and sometimes even to level 2. But I became addicted to relaxations which means:
    1.Making long baths three times a day(half an hour each and the flow of the water very close to my ears).
    2. Swimming in the sea and after that relaxing and listening to the sound of the waves.(3 hours a day)
    3.Listening to soothing and relaxing music (of nature sounds which I downloaded from the internet)for a long time during the day and even while I’m sleeping.The music must be at the frequency of my tinnitus (I determined this through trial and error)
    I am able to do it because I am not working right now so I have a lot of free time.
    My question is what will happen when I will start working againor cut the time of relaxations.Don’t get me wrong,I am very pleased with the outcome of the relaxation but it takes a lot of time and sometimes I have to cancel meetings with friends because I didn’t have the time for one of my routine relaxations.
    Thanks in advance

  8. s.

    Thank you both for the show.
    In re: to the T scale (1/10)
    As you know it’s a pain rating scale and it adapts nicely to T.
    Also P,Q,R,S, T
    position, quality,radiation-does it spread?, severity, and timing.
    Julian, your new look works well…youthful and fresh.
    PS: A very simple thing – progress for me today was after work,instead of “rushing” home because of fatigue, I walked down another street and sat in the sun with a warm beverage. This resulted in some mental clarity and calm, as well a experiencing a choice of a positive new behavior. It felt expansive…’cause T can lead one to be hemmed in.

    1. Dainis W. Michel

      How great S, the warm sun, the warm beverage…ahhh. You know what I did? This is funny and related. I had to go to a mall and well, there was one of those massage chairs…they cost 2 Euros which is about $2.60 for 10 min. Well, I did a round. Then I did another. And heck, then I did another. Half an hour well spent. The world, interestingly enough, did not collapse 🙂 Can you believe it?

      What’s the saying “life doesn’t wait?” I’ve never liked that one and started saying “life always waits” a few years ago. It just does.

      It’s all still there when you’re done resting.

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