Cure Tinnitus Show #21

Recorded June 28th, 2010!

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Hi, Thank you so much for this site. I often log on at night when my tinnitus is bothering me and the rest of the family is sleeping. It helps me to get things into perspective and then get back to sleep. I wonder if it would be possible to do a show, or part of a show on night-time coping strategies. Maybe I’m not alone in finding this a difficult time. I guess the loneliness of the condition peaks at night. Plus, I’ve noticed a strange anomaly; when I go off to sleep the tinnitus can seem quieter, but then if I wake up in the night I find it’s got louder again and then I get distressed. How can this happen?! Bless you both for your continued work on this site. Really really appreciate your dedication and insights. –D

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  1. Mary MacNeil

    I am a new member and have not watched all the shows yet. I am wondering therefore if there are any interviews with people who have successfully liberated themselves from tinnitus using the advocated methods of this site (apart from Julian himself). Interviews with folk such as Kevin Hogan are great but he used a range of methods such as Xanax and hypnotherapy. I would love to hear how someone has used the nuts and bolts of the “Tyrant to Friend” methodology and made tinnitus their friend. In fact Dainis have you successfully used this yourself as I think I have this right and that you still have tinnitus? I am trying the methods but stuggling particularly re; the body work to focus on the body when the tinnitus spikes are loud – my mind locks in to the noise and I don’t seem able to get my mind to shift – hence why it would be great to hear the exerience of others. Many thanks.

  2. AnonMember

    Hi Dainis,

    As usual I’m logging on for a tinnitus show in the middle of the
    night! The connection being that this is when I am most stressed about
    the condition and most need the support of seeing you and Julian being
    HOPEFUL and POSITIVE!!! BLESS YOU! I haven’t checked my e-mail for a
    while, so I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you about ‘hosting’ before
    now. I think it would be a good idea to have a guest host sometimes,
    just to better convey the idea that we are indeed a community, or
    maybe even a continuum of people working through the stages of
    grappling with this condition.

    I’m not yet at a place where I feel I can personally do this. And even
    saying this is a sign of improving self-awareness and well being in my
    case!!! Generally I’m someone with a very high sense of duty and I’m
    very quick to agree to ‘help’, but I’m learning that I’m actually
    quite a shy person and that my orientation to ‘help mode’ often
    depletes my resources too much. Recently, following Julian’s advice, I
    have begun to ask what my body ‘thinks’ about stuff. It’s
    extraordinary!! I’m learning that so often my mind / sense of
    conscience / duty is saying YES and my body is screaming NO!! Your
    suggestion sets up just exactly this response. Now clearly you are not
    suggesting that we all avoid challenging situations indefinitely.
    However, when we are in ‘fight or flight’ we have got there because of
    a tendency to over-challenge ourselves!!
    I am absolutely delighted that you feel ‘too relaxed’ to do justice
    to your struggling members. I’m just so please for you that you are so
    well in yourself. What better advertisement for the programme could
    there possibly be?!!! I’m a secondary school teacher by background and
    I have now become a novelist. I love teaching and taught teenagers for
    thirteen years until I had a nervous breakdown and regretfully had to
    admit that I like teaching, but my nervous system didn’t! So I’m now
    doing quieter more introverted work and following a long and heart-
    felt ambition to write. What I have wondered is whether I could
    contribute to the community by assembling a kind of diary of my
    ‘route’ through this condition. Starting where I am now which is
    ‘stuck’ but trusting this programme to move me forwards. What do think
    about this idea? Perhaps other members who have gone the whole
    distance (yourself included) could also produce a little history of
    their recovery to inspire and encourage others? I love the tree idea.
    I think most people will be able to tell you when they have got to the
    tree stage, whether it is just before or after full recovery!! What
    type of tree can we plant? Can mine be a poplar when I get there?!!

    All the very best!

  3. Member

    Hai Dainis,

    You don’t hear it anymore?? Had you spikes like me in the night??

    But level 4 is not good enough to reach silent is it?? YOu must have been in 7 for that?

    How’s the status of some members? improvements?:)

    Have you had contact with jennifer recently?

    For the tinnitus show…I like to be anonymous, but I like the idea…What if we include jennifer in a show..?

    Well. some thoughts for you this time…

  4. AnotherAnonMember

    Between work and entertaining, visiting, etc. I haven’t had much chance to BREATHE but: I did just watch Show #20 and found it wonderful, as usual.

    I am about 80% better, yes. Or I just am not noticing it?

    Anyway, you can plant a tree for 80% for me but: don’t use my name.

    You can use Meta_4 🙂

    I’ve given up trying to analyze myself. There’s a book: Full Catastrophe Living that someone recommended to me.

    I’m currently reading Anne Lamott, whom I adore, “Imperfect Birds”. She’s a wonderful writer.

  5. s.

    In regard to anonymity and tinnitus. Going through any theraputic process is private and very intimate. Most people while they are in it (T) don’t feel up to sharing painful and devastating experiences that lead to this condition on camera.As a member who is moving forward would share via audio instead of video. Both Dianis and Julian are courageous to work this site. I have met with Julian in person for CST while in London. Although the internet runs rampant with scams-these 2 guys are for real.
    Kind Regards

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis

      oh thanks s.! what a lovely comment. how wonderful to hear. isn’t it something? just because something is effective does not mean people will tell you about it. i know a martial artist who released his tinnitus, as he puts it “when he finally mourned the loss of his mother.” now, how much would it take for him, a martial arts teacher with major muscles, to come on camera and talk about it? it would take a lot. the intricacies of tinnitus necessitate a delicate process, and as people become more willing to accept responsibility and seek personal relief, they begin to do so: for themselves.

      i’ve just begun testing a “profile” tool that would allow members to create a profile page. other members could potentially see the page and comment. it’s interesting how “different” that is from a public tinnitus forum. it would be a page devoted to one member’s healing process. yet the member would be “looked at,” and essentially “seen,” and that can be very embarrassing. some members have expressed deep gratitude, yet as much relief as they’ve found, they worry about their jobs, if they were to “come forward.”

      something else, eh?

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