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  1. Mary

    What do you do when you can’t find the reason as to what is causing the tinnitus spikes? i.e. When the tinnitus is variable? It is difficult to see how calming the nervous system will help when there is no pattern as to when it is loud or quiet. Thanks.

  2. EdV

    My tinnitus seems louder when I lay down (tinnitus attacks at night)This morning in bed. When I change my position in bed, it goes away for a while. Then after a while my mind searches automatically for it and finds the wind:S.
    THen it sounds more like a windy noise. And when…Really frustrating, cause at day I can get distracted eassily. Is this sort of tinnitus also to get remisson from? It’s not really a beep…

    Is this common?

  3. C.

    I’m starting to think my wife is abusive towards me. I looked these “10 Signs Your Wife Or Girlfriend Is An Emotional Bully” up at a site called Shrink for Men: http://shrink4men.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/10-signs-your-girlfriend-or-wife-is-an-emotional-bully/ also, with what you can look up at wikipedia, my wife is verbally and emotionally abusing me, and she even hit me before. Lately, I feel super-emotionally beat down and kind of like everything is spinning, because over the last few years, i’ve asked my wife to stop verbally and emotionally abusing me and i’ve shared with her all the details about what i think is going on and what could help. but her verbal abuse is totally relentless, and i’m talking more about her not letting me finish my sentences, her talking over me, her negating basically everything i say, her disregard for normal requests like cleaning up after herself, her getting so crazy mad when i ask her normal questions like “honey, where did you put the glue?” the list goes on and on and on and i feel disrespected every single day. if you really want to look at it, our whole life is a shambles, my career is a wreck, and my wife simply doesn’t keep her promises…i keep thinking she’ll start doing what she says, and she’s really believable when she says she’ll be somewhere, do something, stop the verbal abuse, etc., but then the pattern just starts over again.

    The thing that really gets to me is that a few years back, I tried out a “Law of Attraction” type meditation and prayer…and I did it really regularly…and my wife totally changed the way she treated me. But then I felt like I was controlling my wife, that her behavior was actually directed by me, if that makes any sense. So I stopped…but then she got really really abusive.

    Her abuse is mostly behind closed doors, so I feel totally isolated. Divorce proceedings favor women to an insane degree, and we have kids…so I wind up feeling trapped, confused and very emotionally charged.

    I honestly just wish she would stop with the verbal abuse.

    So, it seems pretty obvious to me that my relationship with my wife is a big cause of my tinnitus, but when I even come close to mentioning that, my wife goes ballistic. I mean…I feel like I’m just asking her to treat me with kindness, you know?

    I’m not sure if you can help me on the Cure Tinnitus Show, and I don’t know if this is the kind of stuff that you talk about, but thanks for your work, I can see how all this stuff here makes a lot of sense…and I’ll be checking out the show…

  4. EdV


    Is the following issue fear/anxiety-related?

    I went to manual therapist..A fysiotherapist..

    In the waiting-room, I always hear my wind sound overwhelming me in silence…in silence at home it’s never that bad…

    I am almost a year at home, feeling depressive, burned out, so maybe fear is kickin in?

  5. Mary MacNeil

    Thanks for bringing up and discussing my question. I enjoyed listening to the dialogue this brought about. Julian’s comments that noone really knows why the spikes happen and why tinnitus sometimes gets significantly louder from one day to the next really brings something more fundamental into question for me.

    How can we use tinnitus as a healthometer or as a friend trying to give us a message, to take better care of ourselves? The healthometer idea is fundamental to the philosophy of this site. A gauge is surely only useful if its results can be interpreted with some accuracy. A case in point for me is that last weekend my tinnitus backed right down to almost nothing for a day(bliss). On that particular day my child was very ill and in alot of distress and my partner was unfortunately away for the weekend – so not ideal conditions for my overall wellness I can assure you! BUT if wellness is the oppositise of tinnitus then this must mean I was well?

    I am not trying to be arguementative here I promise. This is just an observation. I am trying understand and to deal with tinnitus as best as I can.
    Regards, Mary

    1. Profile photo of curetinnituscuretinnitus

      You’re welcome Mike! I really enjoyed doing these shows with Julian, but as my tinnitus receded, I also noticed that there really was no reason to “do more shows.” They were a “season” in my life, and I am now enjoying a whole new experience.

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