Cure Tinnitus Show #19

Recorded April 30, 2010.

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I wonder if you have any thoughts about my latest T variations…

I’ve had tinnitus in my left ear since its hearing was impaired by an operation – initially it was horrendous. I’ve always been sensitive to noise in any case, and I’m also a musician of sorts. Lately I’ve been managing it better – ie I’ve had more “better” days (although when it returns after a good spell I notice it more, even if it is relatively quiet); however, in the last few years I’ve been hearing ticking noises [Accessible to members with access to "Module 1" only. Members receive self-paced or guided support and can try a complimentary program to get to know us better. Visit for more information]

9 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #19

  1. Elizabeth LaCaze

    I have a question about lifestyle changes. I resonate with a comment that Julian made — something to the effect that “it’s not the tinnitus that needs healing — it’s your life that needs healing.” I realize that I do live an over-scheduled and stressful lifestyle. I heard Julian say that he works 20 hrs./week and takes a week off every month. That sounds fantastic to me! And, I am in the process of looking to see what kinds of changes I can make in that area, given constraints financially and otherwise. Can Julian speak to what the process of changing his lifestyle has been for him? Any suggestions on how to create a smooth transition to a new, less stressful life?

    Many thanks, Elizabeth

  2. mv

    The last few weeks I am experiencing some real improvements in my tinnitus. Whether it’s because I lost my job and have some more spare time or because I am taking anti depressants on advice of my home doctor, I really don’t know yet. The last six months I’ve spend over ten thousand euro of infusiontherapy, Dr. Greuel’s therapy, 2 dozen of cranio sacral therapy etc.etc. and now it finally goes away and comes back. But here is the thing. I sometimes have this blocked up feeling like I am flying in a airplane and it really annoys me. I don’t know where it comes from but is there a specific exercise to let go of it?

    I think I do have to get rid of some personal stuff and I am now hitting some sort of plateau. I was intrigued by the book of John E. Sarno, the divided mind. Can you advise this book? I already read the book of Peter A. Levine but I think it was on a far too high spiritual level for me, haha!

    Thanks for answering my questions!

  3. Daan van Tilborg

    I have too have this blocked up feeling like being in an airplane.

    Sometimes like me ears are stuffed with something but i went to my GP and he said there was no earwax.

    Sometimes i even experience some pain in my ears since i developed tinnitus a couple of months ago. It comes and goes day by day but i`m a little worried, even though my doctor says its nothing. Why am i feeling this? Is it because i`m focussing on my ears to much? Or could there be something me and my doctor are missing?


  4. Erwin V

    -My tinnitus seems louder when I lay down (tinnitus attacks at night)This morning in bed. When I change my position in bed, it goes away for a while. Then after a while my mind searches automatically for it and finds the wind:S.
    THen it sounds more like a windy noise. And when…Really frustrating, cause at day I can get distracted eassily. Is this sort of tinnitus also to get remisson from? It’s not really a beep…

    Is this common?

  5. s.

    Firstly, happy birthday to you both.
    Very helpful show-thanks.
    I look forward to the video shorts with guided meditatons and relaxation techniques.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hi Robin, You can head right on over here and scroll to the bottom of the page to review our membership options. One starts at $1 for the first month, so we are doing all we can to be fair, kind, and reasonable about our pricing. As a side note, there is significant value in spending money on oneself, even just this little bit for Membership is a gift people can give to themselves…and it’s often sad when people suffering with tinnitus don’t even spend “a nickel” on themselves, on their treatment, on their well being…it’s so sad…because frankly, I used to be like that.

  6. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Frankly, Robin, it is unfair and unkind to expect something for nothing. No doctor, lawyer, therapist, architect, manager, business owner, or laborer “performs” without appropriate compensation (at least not in a fair, kind environment). For example: It is unfair and unkind to expect physical therapists to give you physical therapy without compensating them financially. Just as absurd would be the expectation for road workers to work without compensation, for architects to design structures without compensation, for librarians to maintain our informational organization without compensation, etc.

    Adequate financial compensation is both kind and fair, it is not “just business,” for me, it is an integrated way of life.

    So, in that light, especially if you are not seeking fairness or kindness, then I certainly don’t find it appropriate to invite you to join our program. We’ve had almost daily emails and comments from you for several days, both Julian and I have gone out of our way to help and guide you…without compensation…I’ve replied to your requests repeatedly…and then you’ve followed up with progressively more angry emails…because you somehow missed the responses you’ve been given.

    That is typical for someone in fight or flight, and I do wish you the best of luck in getting better.

    With the nature of our correspondence, as much as I’d like to help you, I don’t feel good about you joining, because I don’t like projections or bullying, and I’m not prepared to work with someone who gets angry about receiving email responses “only” within a day or two. If you need crisis assistance and need responses within minutes or hours, I urge you to either find help locally, or you can get in touch with Jennifer Battigliano or Julian Cowan Hill…and maybe they can provide more immediate assistance.

    Our environment, as stated, is one of fairness and kindness, and that’s “how we roll.”

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