Cure Tinnitus Show #18

Cure Tinnitus Show #18 March 31, 2010.

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My question for the tinnitus live show no.18 is: In the e-book Julian says that exercise is really important. But in one of his tinnitus shows (I don’t remember which one) he said that sex and exercise make tinnitus worse. From my knowledge adrenaline is secreted during exercise but absorbed quicker as well. Could Julian ellaborate on that because it’s a crucial point.

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Dear Julian, I woke up one morning jumped out of bed quickly and the tinnitus started. My husband was away for 10 days the only time in the 40 years of marriage I was on my own. By the time he came home I was very anxious as my brother has suffered from tinnitus for 5 years and his was very bad and was suicidal for 2 years and I thought this was going to be me.

We were going to Thailand for our daughters wedding and all I wanted was to be free of this noise in my ears. By the time we left I was depressed and the doctor put me on anti depressants and unfortunately they reacted badly and while I was away I suffered badly from panic attacks, my ears were highly sensitive and I was a mess. With flights, elevators and just the stress of travel as we were aways for a month by the time I arrived home I felt I had a breakdown. I could not go back to work, I didn’t like being alone and I as desperate to be normal. My doctor changed my medication and it has help me. I believe the tinnitus was due to stress and grief that had occurred in my life the eight months before.

My husband and I have had lots of tragedy in our lives the worse losing a daughter at the age of 16 to a car accident. The months leading up to the tinnitus was my husband had a heart and a triple bypass, I had to put our dog down the same day, my mother in law died 5 days before this and my son went to live in France. They then found a lump in my thyroid and it had to be tested but fortunately it was benign. Then my husband went away and I was alone.

It might not sound much but having a awful year earlier I think this was just the last straw. Like all tinnitus sufferers I have done the accupunture, hypnotherapy, etc. My husband has surfed the internet hoping to fine some help. He came accross you speaking on the U tube and thought you were very sound in your thinking. So I started with a cranial therapist which I have been going to for 3 months. She said my central nervous system was totally on fire and when I told her my life story she said it is going to take some time till we get results but believes we will. I have been to psychologist but didn’t connect with her but she did put on som e relaxation music.

I have been a worrier all my live and head always takes over my thinking and I am struggling very much on letting go as I cannot take my mind of my ears, I try things like nice music with ears etc, I go for long works in park especally were the circarda’s are out in force because that gives me relief for a short time. My husband has found this hard as we were going to retire and take it easy, going tramping and spend time going to Australia more often to see our daughter and son and their family, but with me always saying, “will I be up to going?” just makes him mad as he believes I should be able to take my mind of my eyes and focus on good things, but I wake up in the morning and my 1st thoughs go straight to my ears.

I have some bad days where I think I am never so to let you and because I anxious it will not let go of me. Have you anything to give me that might help?

I always think the worse but that has come from a live of up and downs, more downs that up. I try not to think of my bothers tinnitus but it goes up for a couple of days I don’t think it going to settle back down and then it can spiral downwards.

I thank you for listening to me, I have become a member as I know it us import to have a support group. The fact that the heart attack changed my husbands life and now this with me we have been struggling a wee bit it our marriage which has been solid and it has got us through a lot of tragedies and pain. If you could help me Julian that would be good and I am happy to answer and questions you might have for me. I have only touched on a little of the happenings in my life but believe me we have had our share only now to be put this this.

Kindest Regards,


PS: The most important issue to me is I cannot stop thinking about my ears.  I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think of is my ears.

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Is Osteopathy doing the same with the body as Cranial sacral therapy? And are there similiar therapies that help you let go?

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I think LOVING reality and so one’s tinnitus is a bit better than being ‘ok’ about it. BUt your message still opened up something for me, so thank you. HOWEVER – my tinnitus, since reading/listening to you, has become CONSIDERABLY LOUDER! I love it/don’t mind it now, but it is MUCH more prevelant. Can you speak to that please?

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  1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    From a member: I have a question. In response to a question about flare ups you mention Dr. Hans Breuel and BioMental training.
    I’m having a lot of trouble with flares as I am also working on deeper emotional issues.

    Where might I find more info about BioMental training? is it common to have flares when addressing painful issues in your life?

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    From a visitor: I am taking my health into my own hands and my tinnitus is almost gone and have, after much research, put a plan together a few months ago. The biggest problem is identifying the problem as tinnitus is only a system of a greater problem. I am someone who, due to a lot of dental work needed some TMJ manipulation as muscle spasms were causing the Eustachian tubes to become blocked, causing loss of hearing and tinnitus. In addition, infrared saunas helped, fasting helped and some homeopathy which was not that expensive helped and it is a must that all stimulants be given up. There can be many causes for tinnitus – many cases have nothing to do with the ear and it could be that something is backing up in the body – this is why I think detoxification is a must. These are my tips to you.

  3. Erwin V

    Hi Julian,

    You mentioned EFT as a therapy for the first month. I also have contact with a sort of tinnitus-therapist in England who uses EFT for helping poeple with tinnitus. And so there are also stories that are more skeptical. What is EFT and have you experienced great results yourself with this particular therapy?

  4. Rob Van Hove

    Hi Dainis and Julian,

    Thanks for answering my recent questions about the dental work. The molar has been removed without any problem. The cranio sacral therapy really helped me to calm down in the days after!

    I have a next question for Julian.
    As I am changing my lifestyle, doing relaxation techniques and meditation, my tinnitus has become less in volume! I noticed that a lot of muscle tenstion dissapeared. But some of it around the base of my head (atlas) and neck is hard to get rid of during the day. I tend to build up some muscle tension doing pc work and household chores. Does Julian have some good tips or techniques etc stretching to lower that tension, especially around the atlas?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Judith Hook

    At what time will the show be on the 22nd and time zone (I’ll then figure out what time that will be in Rochester, New York). Please let me know ASAP so that I can make plans.

    Thank you,


  6. Erwin V

    You mentioned taking long showers is good. Yes, it’s what I love to do, it feels great…but on the other hand, my tinnitus flares up after showering, is that common?

  7. Erwin V

    Hi Julian,

    Mailed with my Dentist. I got my tinnitus from a fall. Some internetsite say that it can cause TMJ, so I want to search after that. I explained my story but he says there is no direct relation to tinnitus-TMJ? or so he says?…Still want to check my teeth/jaw with him

  8. judith hook

    Is there a relationship between tinnitus and fibromyalgia? I’ve noticed a large increase in muscular pain in the neck and shoulder areas, especially after gentle stretching and exercise, which I’m now doing to better take care of myself.

    Also, my tinnitus moves around regularly, from ear to ear and in my head. I find it most difficult to not react adversively when it is in the back of my head.

  9. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    RE: Biomental Training

    “Healing reflexation used in deconditioning tinnitus, sudden deafness, Menière’s disease and migraines. Biomental deconditioning training is the conditioning of long lasting disruptive reflexes known as tinnitus, sudden deafness, Menière’s disease, migraines, etc.. Hearing disorders, dizziness, ringing in the ear and migraines can be cured by deconditioning!

    These clinical pictures are not incurable illnesses, as they were once thought to be, and are not expressions of neurotic personality either. Sudden deafness, dizziness, ringing in the ear and migraines are simply natural protection reflexes fighting against too many burdens. Psycho-neuro-immunbiological tension reflexation caused by burdens, very often sets off disruptive reflexes that hinder the circulation of blood in the ear as well as in the body itself. These reflexes finally become a noticeable functioning disturbance of the ear or rather manifested in the brain.”


    PS: On the same page, Dr. Greuel mentions the use of BOTOX® for treating tinnitus, which I find an almost inconceivable contrast to the “inside out” success of BioMental Training©.

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