Cure Tinnitus Show #17

Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #17 Monday March 1, 2:00PM GMT (London Time). Member Questions and call for folks to send me questions for Paul Carrington of Banish Tinnitus.

“My tinnitus is initially very mild last Feb. when I first notice it. I have to go to a very quiet toilet and close the door to hear it. The other time would be before I go to bed and waking up in the morning when my bedroom is very quiet. My wife told me she had much worse tinnitus in her since the teenage year but she was never bothered with it. Now she only hear it when I complain. But somehow, I could never take my mind off it.

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  1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Got this in from a member:
    hi, Dainis, I have been a member since last year, I have yet to post any questions. here I have a very important one for you. My tinnitus is initially very mild last Feb. when I first notice it. I have to go to a very quiet toilet and close the door to hear it. The other time would be before I go to bed and waking up in the morning when my bedroom is very quiet. My wife told me she had much worse tinnitus in her since the teenage year but she was never bothered with it. Now she only hear it when I complain. But somehow, I could never take my mind off it. I will go check on it obssessively, maybe 10 times a day and then worry about it. It then slowly getting worse and worse. After I become a member, I start to force myself checking it less often and go to massage therapy and trying to pick up some hobby such as c ooking and going out with friends. (I used to have no friends and doing nothing other than working, surfing the internet and playing video games.) however, my tinnitus is still getting progressively worse.

    I notice one pattern. I am working as a radiologist which required me to sitting in a quiet room, concentrating on patient’s images on the computer, then dictating the report for several hours in a roll. usually a day’s work for 7-8 hours leaves me very tired. I have cutting down my hours from 5 to 3 days each week to reduce my stress. /during my work, I can always hear my tinnitus, after three days’ work, my tinnitus is usually getting slightly worse. then I try to relax for the next four days, physically I am getting more relaxed. but the tinnitus would not getting better (back to the level of last week, I mean). therefore, I am feeling my tinnitus is slowly getting worse because of my work. Should I cut my work all together to prevent it from getting worse? That way, I can dedicate my time on changing my personality, developping hobby, learning to focus on my body, etc. right now, with my tinntis slowly getting worse, I feel all my effort to relax is going nowhere.

    The bottom line, I have a feeling and a belief that my work is making me tired often and making tinnitus worse. I have not been able to make it back off with my effort since my effort to relax and change my personality probably is not there yet. so should I just quit working to create a more favorable environment and restart working after I learn to focus less on tinnitus and more on my life and my body in general. or quitting job will actually make my tinnitus worse since I give up a large chunk of normal life(work) due to tinnitus, that way, I actually focus more on tinnitus.

    are there any episode adressing similar question? If possible, can I talk to you or Julian over the phone for this question and others I have?

    thanks for your help. I am really confused here.


    Follow up:
    Sorry about my previous long message. I know the core issue is I am still very reactive and obssessive about my tinnitus. therefore, when it gets temporary worse after tiring work, it will not back down since I am so focused on. Before I become less reactive, should I quit my job alltogether, like someone quit their coffee or alcohol to at least remove something that will make it temporarily worse?

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    My reply:

    Dear NameWithheld:
    These are deep and important questions for you, and if you find your employment inappropriate for you, then you can look at that issue. However, it is likely that gentleness is an important part of your path. If you would like to book an online session with Julian to talk more, then you can contact him via this email address:

    Our goal is to help you:

    1. Establish a network of support to
  3. s.

    ?? A question for Julian:
    I have been seeing a CST for about 4 very helpful sessions. I forwarded her information from your site re: T. She also purchased the book “Waking the Tiger”. As she does not have your experience with T. can you offer any “tricks of the trade” in relation to cranial sacral practice and T. techniques I can relay to her?
    Thank you. I deeply appreciate you both for your honesty and wisdom, and humour.

  4. Rob

    Hi Dainis and Julian,

    On the 8th of March I’m gonna have my molar removed. Thanks to Julian I now know what to do afterwards. 😉

    But I have one more question about this. I can choose between a local anaesthetic and a sedation. I just would like to know what’s the smartest thing to do.

    Local anaesthetic: I’m gonna be able to feel and hear everything and maybe have a mild panic attac

    Sedation: don’t know what this is going to do with my nervous system


  5. Meta_4

    Hi Dainis and Julian,
    Here’s a question about hyperarousal and hypervigilance. I have always been an overly reactive, hypersensitive person, and I over-react to both external and internal stimuli (i.e., my feelings get hurt easliy; if I have discomfort or a pain or tinnitus, it’s a major event – I catastrophize, etc.) It can be overwhelming. I also have asthma (adult onset) and HUGE problems with hyperventilation. I have trouble talking with people on the phone or in person at social events or work because I wind up hyperventilating and feeling as if I cannot catch my breath. My tinnitus gets SO MUCH WORSE at these times and for hours afterwards. I know, having seen physicians and therapists, that this is a mix of biological (asthma) and psycholgoical factors, and it’s all part of having an over-active nervous system. However – WHILE I AM IN a craniosacral therapy session, I can release and relax and let all the tension go. It feels WONDERFUL. I think – “is THIS how the rest of the world feels”? However, when I get into REAL WORLD situations, my nervous system goes into overdrive and I cannot seem to control it. My speech is rapid, and I gasp for breathe quite often. The tinnitus squeals much louder after I’ve exerted myself interacting with people. I don’t have social anxiety – I’m about as outgoing a person as you’ll ever meet. There are also life circumstances (family issues) about which I obsess and worry and over which I have NO control. I walk around feeling angry and helpless. I need to solve these problems but there is no solution. It’s very frustrating. I find there are times I can relax (reading a book before bed, etc.) but mostly, life for me is a constant battle of trying to get that feeling of relaxation in day-to-day life that I experience with CST. My nervous system constantly sabotages me. Any suggestions about how to gain that sense of peace and relaxation in everyday life, to control the anxiety and reaction to stress and the tinnitus, not just during CST sessions? Thanks, in advance.

  6. ken alba

    I just had my first CST session yesterday. The T is prevalent in my left ear. The therapist noticed tightness in the TMJ on that side. I felt a little better after the therapy, but later horrible again. As I am new to this, 3 1/2 weeks of discomfort from T, what can I expect from the CST sessions. The therapist said she felt she can help me. As many folks do, I feel terrible at the moment, but look forward to feeling better soon. Thank you…there is so much negativity out there, it’s not surprising the “panic” one can experience when T rears its ugly head. Your site has made me feel T is something that can be relieved.

  7. ken alba

    Follow Up: How common is it for T to get worse before better. Last night was the worst night I’ve had. Is it the expectation of it getting better from SCT (only 1 session so far), then feeling worse the next night that has made my stress and T level get worse?

  8. Edv


    I listen a lot to riversounds through headphones though the day. I find myself (programming?) that if there is 2/3 seconds silence between the audiosamples I sometimes don’t notice my tinnitus..Is this a good thing? To train this for longer periods? Cause when I go to the toilet, I also sometimes don’t aware of it at all..But most of times my mind automatically focus on the tnnitus wich leads to depressive feelings:

    For example, when I sleep I listen to white noise via my laptop trough real speakers. But, i had it twice, windows automatically updates and reboots the systeem. So my sample of white noise stops and immediately my minds finds the tinnitus and my reaction is full of anxiety…Can I retrain(as in the first example) to not focus on that? Cause it often happens shortly…

    Little questions, without case-stories:

    – Is acupuncture also a way to resettle your nervous systeem(cause I don’t seem to react very on the cranial sacral), or other therapies?
    – Or are there things I could do at home to resettle?

  9. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Via email:

    I’m, so glad that I found your site, you bring a lot of insight to the challenging situation that a lot of people are going through. Let me tell you a little bit about my situation. I’ve had “T” for about 40 years, it started in my left ear, but it was very mild and I was able to cope with it. Then I noticed over the years it got a little louder, but it still didn’t bother my way of life. Now my situation has changed since I retired last year. The noise has tripled in the hissing sound. I finally went to the ENT for a hearing test, needless to say that I flunked the test. I’m about 90% deaf in my right ear and about 65% in my left ear. I was fitted for hearing aids, and once they were installed, I couldn’t believe how much better my hearing became. The only problem it did nothing to quiet the hissing level.
    I have a few questions for you you and Julian:

    1) I was wondering if you or Julian were on any kind of medication with dealing with your “T”.

    I have been a coffee drinking and a cigarette smoker for most of my life.
    2) Do you think that nicotine or caffeine has an effect on “T”

    and last but not least

    3) Have you noticed the air pressure and the change of weather patterns changing the levels of the “T”.

    Thanks for your time, looking forward to hearing from you,

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