Cure Tinnitus Show #16

Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #16

Monday February 8, 2:00PM GMT (London Time).

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17 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #16

  1. Muhammad Riyaz

    Sir: There is no cure for Tinnitus. 25% are cured without any medicin; 50% became use to the voice or the intensity is lowered down. 25% never cure, nor intensity is lowered down.

    If you are so sure for providing a cure:
    1. You should gain a noble prize.
    2. You should be consulted by ATA.
    3. People all over the world who suffer from Tinitus should come and see you.

    Nothing of any such thing is happening and I really believe that you are just another such group who take advantage of the poor tinitus sufferers.

    Muhammad Riyaz

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Muhammad: Now I don’t understand. When you unsubscribed (though your membership is still active), you wrote to me:

      All of the following discussion is based on a truthful evaluation:

      You did not fail me. Your program is great, but my Tinnitus is no more there.

      For clarification, I had asked for feedback about why you unsubscribed, if our program failed you, whether we had been able to help you.

      Why did you send me an email on January 5th, stating that your tinnitus is no longer there, and then you post a comment stating that you feel we are taking advantage of tinnitus sufferers?

      Some questions:
      Did you, or are you, following our program?

      Have you seen this video about the curability/incurabilty debate:

      Make A Comment For YouTube And Google To Repeal Their Removal Of This Critical, Healing, Scientifically Sound, Loving, Kind, Honest, and Life-Saving Information HERE.
      Watch This Video

      Dear YouTube:
      I cannot imagine that YouTube is against wholesome, scientifically grounded, honest, helpful and well-designed information. Quite likely the ban of my "is tinnitus curable?" video was just a mistake, with complaints initiated by angry, jealous, predatory, or lost personalities. Click HERE And Participate

      Here is the original video link, which will not play unless YouTube/Google repeal their removal of this scientifically sound, loving, caring, and life-saving information created by experts:

      Make your comments at one or all the following websites: YouTube, FaceBook,, Google.

      Where are you getting your figures about tinnitus, and why do you believe there is no cure? When there are people walking around who’ve healed themselves, who’ve cured themselves, happily going about their lives, why are you stating a verifiably false statement as fact? Why are you stating a “belief” as fact? In the meantime, many people are doing things that make their tinnitus better. They are getting better and better. I thought I was supposed to plant a tinnitus liberation tree for you, because you wrote to me “your program is great, my tinnitus is no longer there.” Which is it?

      Essentially, the word “cure” is a “hot word” in the medical industry. The people who are making a whole lot of money are the people who are saying “there is no cure.” So when you internalize that statement so far as to allow it to become a belief (regardless of scientific evidence), please be aware of the team you are “playing for.” The people who are striving for truth, for healing, for well being, for honesty, many of them have been unethically ruined by large organizations.

      And what does this discussion have to do with your tinnitus, and your personal path to well being? Possibly a lot.

      You shared some very personal details with me about your life and one of your children in particular. I honor you by not disclosing such details here. Is it possible that you either had or are having a tinnitus spike and are taking it out on me and What is causing this? Are you avoiding dealing with the very personal, sad, and traumatic issues of which you shared a part with me via email?

      I agree very much with your point #3. I feel that everyone with tinnitus should give our program a try. I really and truly feel that. Also, when you look at what our organization is, it does not offer a cure. It is for people who are seeking to heal themselves, and who wish to learn from people who have already done so. So we do not “cure.” If it is your goal to heal yourself, we help you. Also, tinnitus seems to be very logically and consistently patterned, so the questions are very similar, the process is very similar, and basically all therapies that have acceptable success percentages offer release in the areas we promote. It was a process for you to get into tinnitus, now what will your process be for getting out?

      About #2: I am in contact with the ATA, and I maintain that my stance on their Roadmap to a Cure is more scientifically valid than theirs, and will help more people. You can review my commentary on their process here: However, I do “believe” that the ATA is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. I don’t advocate that they are intentionally hurting people through their less than adequate scientific approach. I plan on donating to the ATA, and I plan on cooperating with them. Should they enter into a real discourse, a real dialogue with me about my comments on their Roadmap, then we will have a beginning. It’s just that I concentrate on what works. I concentrate on studying what helps and what offers relief. It is a different brand of science than studying disease, and I am not saying that the ATA only studies disease, but as far as I can see, that brand of thinking is a part of their program…and a part that I feel strongly continues tinnitus, continues suffering, and creates real pain and suffering for people with tinnitus worldwide.

      Regarding #1: All kinds of people have received that prize. Some of them have been honorable, others haven’t. Honestly, I don’t understand that prize at all. If I ever receive it, fine. However, my dialogue with society is not focused on the prize, but on integrity. My dialogue with you is founded on my personal principles of life which are: consistent honesty and kindness.

      It truly saddens me that you feel I am taking advantage of tinnitus sufferers. I’ve found so much relief on my path, I just wanted to share it. I gave it away for free and people took advantage of me. Now that this is a paid service, it seems that your stance is a minority stance, at least that’s the information I am receiving. So, I hope it is so. I hope you are just angry and taking things out on me in a moment of rage.

      However, if you truly feel I am taking advantage of people, then I am deeply sorry I’ve appeared to you that way. That is, in no way shape or form, my intent. I intend to help. I see that as my purpose. To help. That is what I am here for. The format that works is the format I will choose. I am here to help.

      Interestingly, I did just have a conversation with one of my therapists about my feeling responsible for other peoples’ pain. My feeling responsible to help, where people should be helping themselves. This platform,, is a place also for the more appropriate path to be chosen. That is: you are responsible for doing your work, your releasing, and finding your relief. Your stressors, as you shared them with me, sound like they need loving, kind, therapeutic support. Possibly some tears, certainly the program we talk about here at

      So, maybe you can measure your own success by how closely you are finding your own relief. How closely you are coming into well being, because our philosophy is that well being and tinnitus are opposites, that tinnitus cannot exist where there is well being.

      So off into well being, and please, do tell me, are you a successful member and should I go plant a tree for you, or are you bitter and angry?


  2. Rob


    (sorry for my bad English)
    My dentist told me that a molar (tooth) has to be removed curgically. Actually I am not really afraid to go but is there any risk that the Tinnitus will get worse?
    Are there things I can ask the surgeon or do I have to tell the surgeon that I have Tinnitus?


  3. Dolly Leibov

    Do homeopathic remedies work for tinnitus?
    Do supplements help? I’ve read that a certain chemotherapy drug can cause tinnitus? Do you know that to be true? I had 6 extensive treatments. I’ve had one surgery on my left ear and three surgeries on my right ear in the past. I have my ear wax removed every 6 months. The first time I really noticed the tinnitus as a loud hissing noise, was about two months after my last chemotherapy treatment. I went in to have the wax removed from my ears. I remember the person pulling a piece of wax off my eardrum and it really hurt. Shortly after I noticed the hissing sound. It moves from side to side and sometimes both sides.
    I would really like any suggestions to help relieve me of this. I am trying really hard to take better care of myself.

  4. Edv

    Ps. About the pressure on the ears..What’s the best thing you can do to get rid of that? Cause when I experience that less, and my focus stays away from my ears, I think I make a big STEP.

    Thanks Julian,

    Seeing forward to the show

  5. Erwin V


    With the post above me. I know there is someone else who’s taking the Greuels therapy. Isn’t it an idea to interview (for example) these persons on their experience with that?
    Or is there some way to follow them on the road they’ve taken? Or their roadmap from now on?

    Cause, the BioMental therapy is like a black whole to me…It’s expensive, but the interesting thing is to take a look of it’s succes rate…Maybe when the people who’ve experienced this therapy tell their story and what they do to get well, will convince people to take that particular trip(like me).

  6. s.

    In reply to the question you emailed me re: validity of
    I think the word heal is actually better than cure. The word cure can sound like a hard sell and the internet is such a lawless land open to many scams to vulnerable people. Therefore this site can be percieved as invalid to some.
    But . . . after years of being completely lost and baffled with tinnitus and being mislead and even abused by the medical community, I can honestly say thet the information and wisdom on this site is moving me along to thrive without t.
    The key words on the site are “personal responsibility”. It takes time and work to navigate to a different life without tinnitus.
    Thank you for all the support!

  7. Edv

    These days I try an additional strategy. When I use the computer I have play the sounds of a streaming river on my headphones…Very relaxing and it takes me away from the thoughts and feelings in the ear, as well as the noise..But when I take them off and go to the toilet for example..My tinnitus is for a few seconds VERY loud(also that I’m searching for it…It’s like the tinnitus is saying:”Muahah(evil laugh)I am back and I will NOT go away…

    With this issue, I thought relaxing is the right thing to do..But with this issue, it’s like pay-back time that I have not given the tinnitus attention? What’s your view on this?

  8. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Something that comes to mind for me, having just recorded the show with Julian, is that for me, experiencing the difference between “habituation” and “reduction in tinnitus” has been relevant. With habituation, you get used to having it, and that’s important. With “reduction in tinnitus,” you notice how your tinnitus lets up when you do or don’t do certain things, when you resolve certain issues, etc.

  9. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    It takes a bit of fiddling to get the audio right on these vids, but even with that at 50 minutes in, you just have to laugh. Dogs barking, babies crying…I’ve put this vrersion up and will do a bit more adjusting on the audio in a bit so that the levels are more smoothed out…

  10. s.

    Is it possible that you could be one of the 25% (with or without meds)that are healed from tinnitus. Also there are many more people that have passed through tinnitus that are not statistics.
    Wishing you well.

  11. s.

    One of my favorite sayings is…

    The worst catastrophy I ever had,
    was the one that never happened.

    Thanks for show #16.
    Astute feedback, and I especially needed to hear the mind/body connection stuff.

  12. ron

    I have 2 friends in London that have gone thru TRT and today no longer hear the t. They were treated by Dr Pawell. I have also gone thru TRT in Calif with no results so decided to go to the man who started trt, Dr Jastreboff I flew to Georiga every 3 months for two years to work with Dr Jastreboff. Today I am better but far from cured. I have one good day and one horrible day. I have found beer does lower the t, I have also tried all the gimmicks on the market, quietness, t gone, ringstop, vinpocetine,arches vitamins,feverfew and many others with no results. Also did neuromomics, waste of 5000 thousand dollars. I will listen to your tapes but I need to start from tape one. I found your site on tape 16, Are u a medical doctor? What is your education in tinnitus? I also di CBT thru the VA in Oregon, no success. Thank You Ron

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Julian is a licensed psychotherapist and Cranio Sacral Therapist who had tinnitus for 20 years and now does not. I am the founder and creator of this website and someone who is “almost” healed from tinnitus. I am a composer with significant experience in instructional design, so you can look at me as an “organizer” or “coordinator” of therapists and doctors, and it is through thorough interaction with doctors and therapists that the 4 guidelines of the program were developed. If you are only slightly better, you might want to check on how your therapy plan “fits” with the 4 guidelines of the program.

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