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Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #15 was recorded Monday January 11, 2:00PM GMT (London Time). Thank you for your questions, participation, and for your kind feedback.

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I do have a potential question or two for the next one:

1. Julian (or “Jules” 🙂 ) often talks about a personality type (“driven, focused, successful”) that he encounters in his practice and mentions that it is very typical for tinnitus sufferers. What about those who are not driven or focused, who lack motivation and have not been particularly successful in terms of their careers, who still suffer from tinnitus?

2. Julian often refers to “body work”. Is he mainly referring to cranio sacral therapy or is he including yoga, pilates, etc.?

I just wanted to thank you for another good discussion and know that it means so much to know you and Julian are there.

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11 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #15

  1. Marc Coppejans

    Could you really talk into depth about the difference between overwhelm, fight, flight and the freezing response? What exactly is well-being? How do you experience these states? What you can do if you are in one of them? How does it go? Do you go from freezing via fight or flight to well-being or do you go directly to well-being?

    Thanks for the discussion! I really like the video’s. They mean a lot to me.

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Got this in today:

    I enjoyed reading Julian’s book yesterday and appreciated the voice of experience and good advice… also enjoying your videos… a question I would have for him relates to the ‘cycles’ Jack Vernon mentions for many tinnitus sufferers, from good to worse, often triggering during the night (low blood sugar?, low pillow elevation?), …I’ve talked with a couple of neurologists, no meaningful answer…..objective of course to make the good part of the cycle last longer! I hope this question might also be of interest/value to other members.

  3. richard allen

    Yes, my tinnitus has been on a three-day ‘cycle’ for 18-months, originally from a whiplash-type injury.I remember reading a response to a question to Jack Vernon, who I think said that many people have a cyclical type,may go from ,say, a relatively good state to worse during the night for an as yet’unknown’ reason(I think you Brits, Julian, call this ‘the morning roar’?!). No doubt some of our other members share this type and I wondered if you could kindly relate the experience you’ve had with your clients, Julian,on dealing with it…….I’ve also heard it may be related to lower blood suger at night and that an elevated pillow could help….have not worked in my case. I do think that the approaches described in your book can be profoundly helpful and thank you and Dainis for making it available.

  4. Marc Coppejans

    Today I read something interesting in the book of John E. Sarno, The Divided Mind, the epidemic of Mindbody Disorders.

    He writes:
    Tinnitus and Vertigo.
    Both of these conditions may be signs of disorders of the nerves or the ears, but they are mostly commonly benign and psychosomatic.
    He thinks they are activated by what he calls the autonomic-peptide system. He sees the same character traits for most psychosomatic illnesses: people that are conscientious, hardworking, very responsible, often perfectionistic and a ‘goodist’ tendency.
    He thinks the symptoms are there because their purpose is to divert attention from unconscious emotional phenomena. If patients denigrate the physical symptom and instea focus on things psychological, they have effectively undermined the unconscious brain’s strategy.
    Please comment.

  5. Meta_4

    Question for the next show: Recently, there was some research (found on MedPage suggesting that tinnitus “…may be caused by maladaptive auditory cortex reorganization.”…”In this situation, neurons in the auditory cortex are deprived of normal electrical input because of hearing loss.” [Note: This pertains ONLY to people who have hearing loss but there are many who have tinnitus who have NO hearing loss!] The article continues…”Yet the neurons don’t become inactive. Instead, they are “rewired” so that they are no longer excited by the frequencies they were originally tuned to. They do, however, become sensitive to neighboring frequencies. That synchronized spontaneous neural activity may lead to tinnitus.

    Previous research has shown that this kind of cortical reorganization can be modified by behavioral training….So the researchers attempted to reduce the loudness of patients’ tinnitus by exposing them to music of their choice that was modified, or “notched,” to contain no energy in the same frequency range as the patient’s tinnitus. The idea behind this therapy is that the notched music doesn’t stimulate the cortical area corresponding to the tinnitus frequency, but it still excites surrounding neurons. Therefore, the neurons that aren’t stimulated are suppressed via lateral inhibitory inputs originating from surrounding neurons.”

    SO: this is long but the question I have is: if this research is pointing in the right direction – maladaptive auditory cortex reorganization – where does that leave the “psychological” explanation/ treatment? Personally, your videos and website have done wonders for me, pointing to a HUGE psychological component. And yet……there is this scientific stuff. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  6. tf

    Egg Shells:

    Often, after making some progress with relaxation and allowing the tinnitus to settle a bit, I will find myself getting very anxious about what might happen to set me back, to cause me to lose the progress I’ve made — I feel like I’m walking on egg shells a bit, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Seemingly inevitably, I will do something or something will happen to aggravate the tinnitus. For instance, in a yoga class, I might begin to relax and the tinnitus will back off. The instructor might introduce a more challenging pose. Then, I begin to say to myself: “I’m good now. The tinnitus has backed off. But, if I try this tough pose, it might be too stressful and set off the tinnitus etc etc.” Then comes anxiety about the pose, and then, no surprise, the tinnitus flares, no doubt, not because of the pose, but because of the anxiety.

    I am wondering what Julian might suggest for getting through this inbetween period where you’re making some progress, but the progress seems hard to hold on to. Then, anxiety develops regarding maintaining gains.

  7. Edv

    Hi Julian,

    Just some things about the ear(And yes, I know it’s not an Ear-Based problem;-))..)

    – Is the pressure on the ears normal for tinnitus sufferers? Can you tell something about this? Is it stress?

    – The clicking in the ear when you swallow, is that normal? I had a stress period earlier(without tinnitus and I remember well that in that period I had a sensitive hearing and I always felt my ears) So what I think is that the pressure is maybe stress? What you call ‘ the living in the head’ ? What can you say about this?

    Are these things familiar with the clients you worked with?

  8. mv

    Hello Julian,

    I have 2 questions. My T was awakened in a period of long hours working in the catering Industry, because I lost my job as a Real Estate Broker due to the credit crunch, drinking a lot of alcohol after work because I wasn

  9. s.

    Thank you both for this exceptional show. My determination is strong…it has kept me stuck and now is helping me with healing. I temper it often. (ex: I’ll get well if it kills me!!) now-I am seeking well being and will continue this path on a daily basis as it is never ending.
    I have found the book Julian mentioned, Waking the Tiger extremely helpful and have also ordered online, Dr. Hans G’s cd’s in english. I look forward to recieving them in the mail.
    For me, it’s taking time for the information and wisdom from this site, which rang true from the get go, to sink into my mind.Old thought patterns and belief systems have been with me for a long time. (generational actually) Because of my detrermination and desire for change, the T etc … has been lifting significantly since I joined this site.
    This last year has been full of changes,death, reinvention,sometimes exciting, doubt-ridden, lonely at times – but compared to vibrating in the “deep freeze” on the couch in front of the tv ,wondering what the hell was happening to me…this part of my life is precious.
    When I look back on my life events, The T alarm bell saved me and compelled me to face the truth, change, and move forward. Unfortunately no one (dr.or layman) could explain this PTSD response. I’ve lived long enough to get here. With the proper help and information I hope any members curetinnitusland can become unstuck sooner.
    The Wienerwald awaits. I wonder if Dainis could sneak a sapling there for me?

  10. Meta_4

    Thank you for an extremely informative and encouraging session! Key element for me was the discussion about being “stuck” inside one’s own mind and the need to re-connect with the body. It’s probably so common among tinnitus sufferers to not have had the experience of just “being” at peace in the moment (e.g., relaxing/reading/ socializing without the constant hum of discord, anxiety and worry coursing through one’s mind simultaneously). Thank you, as always, for great insights.

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