Cure Tinnitus Show #14

Dear Community,

The 14th Cure Tinnitus Show took place on Monday, Nov 23d, 2009 at 2PM GMT (London Time). Your questions, comments, input, and suggestions for topics helped guide us to a settling and helpful show. Thank you!

Julian and Dainis

Here is a YouTube excerpt for folks just getting to know us, the archived show is available for members below…

Archived Show And Download Link

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12 thoughts on “Cure Tinnitus Show #14

  1. s.

    I just wanted to say that I am reading the book Julian mentioned in his book – Waking the Tiger. It’s a positive and enlightening read. Thanks…another piece of the puzzle.

  2. T.

    Sometimes, you hear of a person who has some sort of break-through moment, and the tinnitus vanishes as quickly as it came. It is hard not to seek such a “moment.” However, from reading Julian’s book, it strikes me, that this is frequently not how things happen (in fact, I remember him saying that often while one is processing his or her issues that the tinnitus might even get or seem worse as we confront ourselves, even in our “negative” aspects. And I wonder if there can be some danger in thinking in terms of the one “cathartic” experience that will cause the tinnitus to flee all at once. It seems that you can really set yourself up for the saboteur: “I did ‘x’ and and the tinnitus isn’t better; so now things must be hopeless!” Or, I find that it can be really easy to always be checking the tinnitus. If you check and find things the tinnitus hasn’t changed or is maybe even a little worse, this is fertile soil for the sabatoer! So, I am wondering what Julian’s experience was with letting go. It strikes me that it was more long and gradual rather than the “breakthrough-then-tinnitus-goes experience.

    Secondly — and related — I sometimes get confused between checking the tinnitus and looking at it as a teacher. Perhaps I am still too early in the process to think in terms of “tinnitus as teacher”, but I have the sense that it is not good to be always checking the tinnitus — as if one were constantly asking a teacher “I am doing this right” “I am doing that right…” Yet, obviously, to learn from a teacher, you’ve got to listen to it. So I am wondering if Julian can speak a little to the difference between “checking,” which I find tends to lead to anxiety and is generally negative, and consulting a teacher, which should be a positive thing.

    Final question, has Julian found that there are any negatives to doing TRT — other than the financial hit that you take!

  3. s.

    hello T….fortunately i had some breakthrhough moments during TRT-unfortunately i wasn’t aware how it happened, except that i suppose the TRT believed what she was telling me(it was all believable to me also)she had seen many people recover and / or move on. there is an element of blind faith involved. you WILL also improve and more as you are in the right place…it takes time to for all the information and new conciousness to “sink in – and continue with the well being that jules talks about. i have also found cranio sacral sessions to realease that old and dreary and i must say life treatening at the time – drama energy from my body.
    after 20 years of T things i can truly say i am moving up and out-really. i couldn’t have said these words with conviction 4 months ago.
    keep well,

  4. s.

    at times through my healing from T i have noticed quite an internal reisitance to the process. it’s that negative voice saying “this won’t work, don’t get your hopes up…”
    as i am felling relief and healing is actually happening the resistance is much less and i can counter it-T is so much like that expression “better the devil you know, tha the devil you don’t”.
    can you comment….thank you both

    ps-where do you plant the “liberation” trees? whay type of tree is it? although i’m not focused on my liberation tree, it recently crossed my mind.
    just curious.

  5. Meta_4

    Does Julian have any thoughts about the use of short-acting benzos such as Ativan which I am taking and work very well to bring the level of tinnitus way down and about withdrawal syndrome from long term use of benzos? I had been on a long-acting benzo, Klonopin, prior to this for 15 YEARS. I was weaned off that last year and put on Ativan 1 mg. 2-3 times a day or as needed for anxiety. I guess my question is: I read somewhere that WITHDRAWAL from long term use of a benzo like Klonopin can contribute to tinnitus formation/ activation. Do you agree? What about switching to a short-acting benzo (Ativan) that is working quite well to quell the tinnitus, so much so that I want to stay on it long term.

  6. tf

    Hi S! This is T from above. Just want to say thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like you had a positive experience with TRT. How long ago did you do it? Sounds as well like you’ve made a lot of progress in past 4 months! I am truly happy for you! It’s not an easy question, but to what do you most attribute this change?

    Thanks again!

  7. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Member Profile:

    As much as I would like say that I am, I am not really doing the CTO program. I have no job, no health insurance, my spouse is also unemployed. I’m educated, very smart, and I hate my under-paying under-stimulating job.

    I don’t WANT to work in an office at a desk 9-5 in a boring job. I hate it. I’ve always hated it AND HATED MYSELF for not being able to focus on a REAL CAREER that would have been intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.

    I have a Master’s Degree in X, but never did anything with it
    I have an anxiety disorder
    I have OCD
    I am fearful of starting over in a new job
    I got laid off from a prestigious place

    But I am not all about my illness. I have a lot of strength too. I have the help of
    a good cognitive behavioral therapist, though I have not allowed myself the full program of body and mental therapy, partially due to financial restrictions.

    I’m hearing a high pitched squealing as I sit here writing to you but although I am “aware” of it I can push it aside and continue writing to you. For me, it was the PURE REASSURANCE and COMFORT of listening to you and Julian talk about T that helped me. I felt so relaxed and “safe” after a few of the shows, knew I wasn’t alone, knew it wouldn’t kill me, knew it would probably go away after a while.

  8. s.

    hello tf,
    it took over a year or so of TRT to really have a breakthrough. now i was seeing the audiologist about every 3 months for 30 min. also there were periods of time i had to cancel appts. due to work or travel. luckily i had a very good prof. relationship with her.
    she believed in me and my ability to “heal”. it took me weeks to actually listen to the nightime background nature sounds as i had resistance. the TRT theory rang true to me from the beginning. so, i had a couple of days of clarity-a window to what could be. this is as far as it went with TRT-unfortunately i had a very sad few years with my beloved mother at the end of her life. i was her primary caregiver(the best and worst years of my life,and the most loving and deeply meaningful in my life)need less to say TRT was again on the back burner. about 6 months after her passing i came upon this website and was in the right place and time to continue with healing.
    for me TRT brought me to a small clearing in the forest- i hung onto it. for me the more info the better and this website offers sound advice and wisdom from those that have healed or or on their way. i have been around a block or 2 with meds-there is no pill that i am aware of that cures tinnitus-BUT they have been a most helpful tool .
    TRT can’t hurt-it helped me-but keep in mind the life long program of well-being stuff.(also lose any recreational drugs or excessive drinking from your life if you need to) TRT was my stepping stone to this site.
    i hope this helps… s

  9. Tari War

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    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Thank you Tari, you can help, not sure if you’re a member. You can join us if you like, you can talk about your experience online and at social media sites, etc. Best to you and let us know what’s working for you. Let us know what has been helping you with your T. 🙂

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