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Hi, I’d like to take a moment to talk with you about the history, present day situation, and the future of

My name is dainis w michel, and i started when I came down with a severe case of tinnitus, and the only option I felt was appropriate for me, was getting better.

My personal case was so severe that ending my life would have been a completely understandable choice — however — I was able to improve — and I documented the process. To figure out what to do, I traveled extensively, interviewed doctors and therapists, and condensed the information into 5 simple guidelines.

With 28 Cure Tinnitus Shows, several recorded interviews, support videos, articles, and online courses, over the years, became one of the most trafficked websites about tinnitus in the world, serving between 3 and 600 unique visitors per day.

But really, throughout this entire time, I have had, and because of that, the organization has had — one particularly significant flaw.

Now, I’m not sure if it’s really a flaw — but here is what it is:

I get contacted fairly regularly by people who have spent their last pennies, they are broke and desperate, and they are sometimes even suicidal.

Do you think it’s possible for me to correspond with a suicidal teenager and say “hey but go get one of your parents’ credit cards so i can charge you and we can talk?”

Can I charge a depressed musician who may just call it quits if what I say doesn’t help?

Can I charge a woman whose in-laws are so cruel to her, that their treatment of her is clearly one of the reasons she even has tinnitus?

I can’t do it.


I just can’t ask for money from people who are often almost ready to give up & “end it all.”

But what is the result?

The result is that we have wonderfully healing information that helps people — that people at times desperately need while putting me in a position of “if i don’t help right now this person may commit suicide, which would in part be on my shoulders, which would just be awful,” along with “in general, the people who come to and pay — those are the people who value the service and information the most — & those are the people who tend to get better fastest.”

How have I tried to resolve the problem?

Well, I made “payment” pretty much optional. The “product” costs either $37 or $97 a month — but if you don’t have that — you can just donate whatever you want.

The result has been: I have hundreds of dollars of costs per month, I get contacted regularly by suicidal people who desperately need my help but who have no money and helping them essentially, withdraws from my spiritual, energetic, and financial “bank accounts,” and the income of the website is around $10-50/month.

So basically, the result is — I lose time, I lose money, I “lose” energy, but i know that the help I have been able to offer has been a real blessing to many people — so I don’t regret that one tiny itty bitty bit.

But — I cannot continue like this and I am looking to the Community and the world at large — for a solution.

There are a few options

1. i just take the site down and leave the future to fend for itself
2. we figure out a way to finance the website

Let’s assume I don’t want to just take the site down

One option:
1. I simply make access to cost one thousand dollars or maybe five thousand dollars — and that is the end of it.


— that people who get it for free sometimes don’t value it — which is an argument for making access to cost at least $997 per year and just be done with it.

That — or flaccid f

But the current model is not working — at all.

So I am here, reaching out for your help.

Good Option: 1Mil fund – organization operates on interest
Make-do option: gather around $2K/month to provide daily operations

So, what do you think?

I’m already starting to discuss the solution

what I’m wanting to do is the discuss a few solutions
And see what happens
So basically the problem is that situation or the situation that I’ve discovered is that it looks like the community of people with tinnitus are really a community that is in need
they’re desperate, they’re out of money, and they are sometimes even suicidal

to use that community as a profit base, well it turns into this

is charging for example 1000 dollars the appropriate kick in the pants that people need. we say: look,we’ve got a place for you to go, we give you good information it’s a grand to get in and then maybe people clamor and “fight” and they improve based on having been charged.

or do we set up a different kind of solution to this issue … where we create either a foundation or a fund where the website can survived (also it needs to become a real NGO), off of the interest generated from the fund

basically what my current situation is, is that i feel obliged to share my journey with people who might be at the beginning steps, because the first few years for me were extremely extremely tough — it was tough to stick around.

and i truly want people to know that literally with the way that i have these 5 guidelines written — they are flexible — they are all about what works for the individual — they do not conflict with standard medicine — in other words western medicine, allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic — therapeutic — whatever kinds of treatments you incorporate into those guidelines — the litmus test is what works for you.

and when people understand that and the program structure, they tend to find treatments that truly work and truly take them out of crisis. and in certain cases, i have been credited for saving peoples’ lives.

so what i am saying is that needs at least $2K per month to run. i’ve been running the organization at a loss for many years.

i would like to continue to be available — but something like twice or maybe even once a month. also, if i do not have the energy to help people with tinnitus for a while — we need the financial resources to hire the correct professionals to be on the line with those who are suffering.

doing something like that also gives people a target goal, an item on their schedule — and if they are so deeply in crisis that they are suicidal, then they can call a suicide prevention hotline — that is what those are for – and if they contact —we can say “hang in there until this saturday” — or whenever the call is — and there’s a chance that with a bright happy item on their schedule — well — they might just choose to hang on.

so it would be a way to create a situation that works for me, my health, and creates a sustainable organization for the future, for our children, for our grand children for our great grandchildren and for many many generations to come.

so i am putting this video out there and we will see

we will see if the world wants to fund many many blessings to you and thank you for your time and attention.

Bad News: Basically, for every 10 people that register at, at least 2 are desperate, out of money, and voice suicidal thoughts to me either via email, FaceBook chat, or on the phone.

For every couple hundred or so, there is an incredibly angry person that makes threats and scares me. However, that count increases significantly, if the information is provided without cost.

A small percentage is: emotionally and financially sound in that they come, purchase a course, take the course, and put the course guidelines into practice.

An unknown percentage visits the site and figures it is a scam site because it is not the ATA or the BTA or another national tinnitus association.

Good News: We’ve also had 134 (check) members who’ve gone through our program, and your feedback has made all of the challenges worthwhile. Thank you!

Result: We have a situation where I simply cannot sustain the effort that providing Program information to those in need requires.

My assessment is that we simply need to do more for the global community of people who come down with tinnitus, but who have little to no financial means to help themselves.

To do that, we need to finance the organization. We need to become an official not-for-profit, and we need to run our operations regularly, consistently, and with scientific precision.

The most bare-bones amount needs in order to run regular, life-saving operations, is $2,000 USD per month, with about $5-10,000 to handle all of the details of registering as a not-for-profit organization.

With that amount, we can host at least one global call-in webinar per month, and we can direct the many individuals suffering to free resources that can help them save their lives, & cope with the debilitating severity of their condition.

With more sizable donations, we can do more. For example, we can host weekly calls, set up an office, run scientific experiments, and create outreach campaigns for tinnitus association as well as medical and therapeutic communities.

I personally do not want to allow the legacy we’ve built at to go to waste. There simply MUST be a free line to help those in greatest need. Yet, the “free line” is also the “front line.” These are the first people who desperately push themselves to the front of the line, who call me, who chat to me, who tell me their lives stories, etc. — and I am open to that to the extent that I can physically, emotionally, and financially handle it. And right now, without financial support, I simply cannot sustain any tinnitus coaching whatsoever. It’s grueling, it’s draining, and those suffering in general are broke and desperate. It’s horrible, and my heart goes out to each and every sufferer.

So this, “free line,” this initial hurdle, must be “crossed” (fix the analogy). We simply need funding in order to continue our work properly.

The funding will go to care for those most desperate for help.

The current model is simply not working. The current model is: $97 to start and $97/month for guided personal support. $97 to start and $37/month for self-paced access to our information — but if you don’t have it: donate whatever you want.

That is how I have run the organization, because I simply do not have the heart to exclude people from the Information.

I also regularly give people free access, because I just can’t bear to charge people in such a dire state of need.

So, my solution is to ask for funding, to provide “office hours,” and to expand our network of helpful therapies and clinics and therapists, etc.

My goal is to create a loving and perfectly functioning safety net for anyone and everyone who comes down with tinnitus, anywhere in the world, at any time in the future.

I invite you to join me in my goal by funding, either with a one-time or a recurring donation, today.

I am going to describe a few outcomes:
Funding under $1K/mo = site won’t change much, will revisit in 6 months and correspond with the community about what we can do. I may just shut the site down entirely.
$2K/ month: bare bones operations. 24/7 voicemail that is not my private phone number. at least 1 group call per month. a few free hours
$5K/month: can hire limited staff to field calls. can host multiple conference calls per month. can reach out to national tinnitus organizations. can begin awareness campaigns not only about prevention, but about “what you can do, if you come down with tinnitus.” and “is it true that there is nothing i can do if i come down with tinnitus?” and “is suicide a viable way to respond to coming down with tinnitus?”
10K/month and beyond: able to hire staff to field calls. able to set up an office. ++

One-time amount
under $5K: well, we could likely do some site improvements. will revisit in 6 months…
5-10K: can finally become a real not-for-profit and pay the lawyers and set the organization up properly.
10-100K: can finally become a real not-for-profit and pay the lawyers and set the organization up properly.
1Mil: can create a self-sustaining organization that draws its operating funding from the interest on conservative investments, positioning the organization for continued improvement and ability to provide help and services indefinitely.

Another possible outcome: i just make contact with me cost $5,000 USD for 6 months, and that is the end of it.

Construct the whole thing as an OFFER
IF…THEN…ELSE is a kind of last safety net for desperate but deserving people

that could help some really deserving people

a particular kind of support should be freely available

now there is an argument against that, people who pay tend to value the info & tend to get better faster

but what about the suicidal teenager, the depressed broke musician w a family, the traumatized and abused housewife, the over-burdened grandmother, the military veteran?

how am i supposed to ethically turn these kinds of people away…

5 thoughts on “Crowd Sourcing Campaign To Help Those Most In Need (1)

  1. Profile photo of Happy EarsHappy Ears

    Hi Dainis, Good to hear from you.

    I have been uber busy with my book and moving house. Haven’t been on the website for a while but the last time I did it seemed like it was being run by the guy [ whose name I am ashamed to say I can’t remember] who wrote the Tinnitus book.

    So are you back running the website?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis


      I am receiving such kind responses, but, as usual, almost all of them come to me privately. I guess shame is one of the symptoms of tinnitus, even though it needn’t be!

      As an update: I have done next to nothing with/on the site for quite a long time. Really, what I said in the video is the actual situation. Whenever I update the site, post an article, etc., I get a handful of really desperate people who need help.

      I then cannot help but help them, but helping them costs me a whole lot of time and money.

      So that is the situation I am seeking to repair now, so that the website can help people in need indefinitely.

      Hmm, would you be willing to record a video of yourself saying “please donate to”

      That would be helpful.

      If a few people do something like that, then I can put them into a crowd-sourcing video.

      Really, we need running costs to be able to handle the desperate “1st round” of people who repeatedly storm the site — but who are in no position to pay money.


      ps: a whole lot of “much less worthy” causes (like potato salad on Kickstarter) have gotten quite a bit of money, so let’s put our heads together and create a functioning and sustainable safety net for future generations!

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