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  1. Robin Howard

    I actually saw your video on youtube. I’ve only been suffering with Tinnitus for less than a week and am seriously going crazy. I can’t imagine a lifetime left of this, how very depressing. I’m joining this site for some hope……can you please help me?


    1. dainis Post author

      Hi Freda, the early onset video linked above is perfect for you too. Consider joining, reading, learning, and enjoying.

  2. Joao Guerra

    It is not only important as also crucial support people with tinnitus, especially of severe kind. I am a man of 47 years old that has a tinnitus from 23 years, by many shooting seasons an missions in army with unprotected ears. It was a mild level T, which I could leave with, and, in true, I already was so habituated to it that I almost did not hear it. Unfortunately, a car accident, summated with 3 airbags insufflations, bring me different T

  3. Kathy Bigenho

    I developed Tinnutus around 6 weeks ago, I try not to focus on it and I am fortunate that I can stop it from controlling me, I have been reading all I can find about this condition, changing some eating habits, trying to learn to let go of the fight or flight response from an unsupportive partner and learning or should say figuring out that I am important.

  4. Russell Bloodgood

    I am collecting as much data on Tinnitus as I can as I am launching a lawsuit against a former employer who I feel pressured me non stop into developing all of the symptoms that led to Advanced Nonstop Tinnitus…I will let the site know of my progress and findings….Russell

  5. Leon Joubert

    O Boy! First thought when I discovered that I have tinnitus was “How am I going to life with this for the rest of my life?” I woke up one morning and BANG there it was. This is 8 months ago. I have spend allot of money on trying to find some way of dealing or dare I say even heal my tinnitus.

    The interesting part of my tinnitus is that there are SOME (very few) days that it is nearly gone. Even most mornings I am tinnitus free. Now this leads me to think and also agree with my ENT that there is nothing wrong with my ear and it must be stress and anxiety related. A little while ago there was an article about the characteristics of tinnitus sufferers and I could identify with 90% of them.

    So, the way forward. Learn to relax, take some time out, hmmmmm maybe easier said than done, BUT it can be done. Now I am not there yet, but I am full of hope. I Praise God for an understanding wife and above all keep praying for a miracle.

    Have a look at this link and let me know what you think


    1. dainis Post author

      Dear Leon,

      Healing happens when you do the “work” outlined here, and when you get the proper help from the right mix of professionals, also outlined here. The miracle, possibly, is being open enough to receive the information necessary to heal, and then to apply it to your own life. As the coordinator of this site, I see the irony of my having all of the information at my fingertips, but only partially applying it. Hence, my “partial” cure. Still, I think it’s OK to take some time at a “health plateau” and have a look around. The Neurostimulation folks look interesting, and feel free to contact them and ask if they have any tinnitus success stories that they would be willing to share with CureTinnitus.org.

  6. Tony Ice

    Greetings, and thanks for the site.
    At 53 years old I’ve learned to live with this nemisis. One ear started as a child when I used two pussywillows as earplugs, to not hear mother’s lecturing, but one was not easily removed and required a surgical removal that left ringing in my ear. Somehow I lived with it and never really told my parents. Later in life, before the days when hearing protection was so highly promoted, I fired a large caliber handgun, which damaged both ears, leaving varying high pitched tones of varying intensity constantly. I have never been able to discover a factor(s) that is present when the sound is at its lowest.
    But the reason I write today is that I had the strangest experience just this past evening that I never notice before under similar conditions. Actually I sick with possibly a mild flu bug (no cold like symptoms), from which I developed a fever. I was restless and not sleeping well, and when I sat up in bed, all I heard was quiet, pure quiet with only normal sounds around me, I wasn’t sure that I was hearing what I wasn’t hearing, not one ring or squeal in either ear, it was amazing, after all these years. Unfortunately, through the night the fever broke and the ringing returned. I am really curious as to why this might have happened, and now I know that something can apparently make it go away, that is why I decided to look into the contents of your website.
    I’d appreciate any comments on this anomaly.

  7. dainis Post author

    Tony, I don’t find that odd. Somehow, certain sicknesses can just cause our bodies and muscles to relax. While I’ve experienced a reduction in tinnitus volume in a similar situation, never the clarity you experienced. Sounds good, and I’m glad it led you to us. Did you notice anything else? What did the rest of your body feel like? Any areas feel better or different than usual?

  8. Roy Donte

    I was watching you #5 show and about 30 minutes into it it went black and I couldn’t get it anymore.It was starting to get very interesting and I would like to see the rest. Any help?

  9. dainis Post author

    Whoops Roy, consider that a gift. The archives of Cure Tinnitus Shows are a member benefit, and this “complimentary preview” is currently being re-worked. Must have been in the middle of something, and you were able to access the video accidentally. Glad you found it interesting! 🙂