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  1. Timothy Fortin

    Right now, my biggest issue is sleep and how to break the vicious cycle that sleep deprivation causes. I can cope with tinnitus during the day and have been working on relaxing and letting go. Sometimes, when I go to sleep, I manage to muster a positive attitude and to relax relatively well. However, with rare exception the tinnitus then wakes me after five or six hours of sleep and I find it almost impossible to get back to sleep. This is what makes the tinnitus so threatening to me and — at least in part — what perpetuates my fight or flight state. So, how can think of tinnitus as a “friend” when it’s robbing me of desperately needed sleep? More practically, how can I sleep? (I have the best white noise generator I could find…) Thanks!!!

  2. jason floore

    Onion Juice
    A very popular home treatment is to put 2-3 drops of onion
    juice into each ear with an eye dropper. Hold the juice in for
    approximately 30 minutes with cotton balls. This treatment
    has proven effective for many people, and the relief comes
    immediately. The best part is that it is a very inexpensive
    treatment option, and can be re-applied anytime you start to
    notice your tinnitus symptoms coming back.

  3. Avatar of dainisdainis Post author

    Hi Jason, for the next few days, along with working on the things form Julian’s eBook, I’ll be cleaning my ears with a bit of thymian oil. Basic cleaning is one thing, though, and the whole “learning to get out of fight or flight” is another…I can now clearly see when I go into fight or flight…and I can see that I haven’t given myself enough of a chance to regenerate.

    I’m glad the onion juice is helping you and thanks for the ipod tip.

  4. Avatar of Gintas kGintas k

    for how long you had tinnitus, Dainis ? and how do you worked as musican? i am saxaphone music teacher and scare of the autumn when everything will begin and children will come in at lessons.
    i am scaring of sound. begause then my tinnitus is bekome bigger and i have headache

    1. Avatar of curetinnituscuretinnitus

      horrific howl for about 2-3 years. down 50% for a few more. now — a teeny tiny bit of T every now and with stretches of weeks at a time or longer, where i have no awareness of T.

      so — not 100% healed but A LOT better.

      yes, i had some hyperacusis as well for a while. it’s really nothing to be afraid of. pay attention to the signals your body is giving you. take some time to find places with naturally soothing sounds like the oceanside — next to babbling brooks — waterfalls — windy forests.

      also, see how you deal with silence. can you relax when you are in silent spaces?

      most musicians think their career will be over — that they will never make music again, etc. however, in particular when i do some light stretching, practice the “biomental training” meditation i learned, do a bit of self-massage and just relax — well — even in the most quiet studio settings — i have 0 tinnitus and my hearing “gets” amazing.

      you can try making a plan. take a good week or two off from loud sounds — then see what it is like to play sax & hear sax music. if it really “sets off” the T, well, you can habituate and deal with it till it gets better — bur really by autumn it is likely that you can reduce the severe response to sound.

      however — your body will be your guide!

      remember to apply all 5 CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines — and relax and enjoy the journey.

      as dark at tinnitus can be — we come out much happier, much more relaxed, and much stronger “on the other side.”

      1. Avatar of Gintas kGintas k

        so if you dont use any pils for sleep, maybe Julian aslo.
        so does it is examples from your expirienses that people using sleeping pils or antidepresant can cure from tinnitus also ?

    1. Avatar of curetinnituscuretinnitus

      at first i slept with a fan. i never needed or tried sleeping pills. basically — i just didn’t sleep. it was awful. then i started coming out of “fight or flight” and things started settling for me.

      the “poor sleep” was only for about 2 years or so…

  5. Avatar of Gintas kGintas k

    Hi Dainis , where i can see your “self hypnosis exercises ” ? thanks ! and another stuff. today i was at CST first normal time . it was great ! but one question . on some videos i saw that during therapy theraapist puting fingers in the patien mounth ? it must be so ? because my therapist ( a nice lady !:) didint done that .

  6. Avatar of Gintas kGintas k

    so if you dont use any pils for sleep, maybe Julian aslo.
    so does it is examples from your expirienses that people using sleeping pils or antidepresant can cure from tinnitus also ?

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