Public Request For YouTube To Lift The Ban On My dainismichel Account And My "is tinnitus curable?" video

Update October 24, 2012:

We’ve discovered that the correct terminology is “Repeal The Removal” of the video, not “lift the ban.”

Update October 23, 2012:

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Dear YouTube:
I cannot imagine that YouTube is against wholesome, scientifically grounded, honest, helpful and well-designed information. Quite likely the ban of my “is tinnitus curable?” video was just a mistake, with complaints initiated by angry, jealous, predatory, or lost personalities.

Who at YouTube really finds asking globally recognized tinnitus experts the question “is tinnitus curable?” in violation of spam, scam, or commercial deception policies?

In my opinion, scientifically sound thinking, appropriate therapeutic and medical attention — are NOT scams. Talking with experts about effective strategies for helping relieve a painful condition — is NOT deceptive. I figure YouTube agrees — or?

What about the video violates any YouTube policies?
When where why and how was the perceived violation determined? Was it just a mistake?

Since I, dainis w michel, as an individual, stand accused of violating YouTube policies — and may be inappropriately lumped with actual violators of your policies — I request that you kindly lift the ban. The longer the ban is in place, the more people will be harmed. How will YouTube hold itself responsible for lives lost as a result of its ban? For the pain and suffering caused?

Please accept that it’s pretty awful to be faced with such a degrading damaging and humiliating misperception of me — especially with a video that was not only gaining popularity — but that saves lives.

Please put me in touch with the individuals who determined the violation, or just reactivate the video so that people can benefit from healthy accurate helpful information on YouTube.

Original Video Link, Will Not Play Unless YouTube Lifts Its Ban Of Valid, Scientifically Sound, Loving, Caring, and Life-Saving Information Created By Experts:

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