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Draft CTO FaviconDraft CTO Favicon

To the right is a “favicon” I just made for 3.0 (well it displays to the rt in the post, but not in the activity stream…rrg!).

The idea is that the circle has both the C and the O and the “dot.” The t’s get smaller and smaller, and the faded circles over the green “o” turn the “o” into a “C” an “O” with two dots that symbolize “disappearing.”

The thing is, I kinda think the favicon looks really bad super small (check in your browser, the favicon usually appears to the left of the URL, just left of the letters http.

Do we have any designers around?

Comments, suggestions, collaboration, help?



Another optionAnother option


hey, i just made an update and am pleased with the symbolism of the following favicon. basically, we have tinnitus on one side, the faded green is kind of an “unclear life” and you have this big lowercase “t.” you join you apply the 4 guidelines, you get better and better, and the t gets smaller and lighter. the image was a bit cheesy before with a bit of a “rainbow” in the background representing well being, but i found it to be a bit too eso-cheesy. i mean esoteric-cheesy. so i just took out the rainbow. however, i wanted the “exit” from tinnitus to be basically “love.” i do not know who originally said it, but i heard a qi gong master (and i could find a link to her if you like) saying “love really is the only medicine,” and i think that makes a lot of sense. so, the “exit” from tinnitus is two white hearts faded into kind of a “streaming out” image to the rt of the smallest “t.” you see that? there is also this little dot of green right in front of the “most direct” path out from tinnitus. and well, that dot is a collision with something, it is an obstacle. like all of a sudden the therapist you’ve been relying on has a personal crisis, and just is not really working for you anymore. or the physical therapist is at his/her wits end with you. OR, you simply are confronted with needing to make some real life changes in order to get well.

cto favicon as of october 24, 2011cto favicon as of october 24, 2011

and see, you do make those changes enveloped in love and foof, you are out from tinnitus.

so that’s what’s happening in this logo and favicon, hope you like it and your comments are more than welcome!

Moving on to the header itself, I removed the “From Tinnitus to Liberation” tagline under the text. I was trying to position the text a few different ways, and I know many organizations use such taglines, but when I removed it, I kind of liked how it felt.

So, it’s either “just Logo +” like this Header Without Tagline Header Without Tagline

Or, it’s “Logo + + Tagline” like this: Header With Larger Tagline Header With Larger Tagline Header With Smaller Tagline Header With Smaller Tagline

and well, it just does not seem to work well to have two text elements and something round nearby, at least not in this case. so, with a third element, which is something i’ve been wanting to add to for a while is a representation of a “well being bar” the design is not right yet, because it should be divided by a diagonal plane from bottom left to top right. the bar represents “the more well being you have the less tinnitus you have, and when you do not have well being you have more tinnitus.”

maybe i’ll work on the “well being bar” later, but here’s a version with a bar. Header Draft With Well Being Bar Header Draft With Well Being Bar

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