Always Checking Shouldn't Have Done That Reactive (Video)

A video

  • if you are always checking the status of your tinnitus
  • if you blame particular circumstances for increases and decreases in the tinnitus
  • if you beat yourself up about it getting louder
  • if you blame others for it getting louder
  • if you are in a reactive state

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5 thoughts on “Always Checking Shouldn't Have Done That Reactive (Video)

  1. Susan Marvin

    I just watched the “always checking shouldn’t have done that reactive” video and I see that I have been doing the same thing. As an example, after a recent chiropractic treatment my tinnitus spiked. Your video has given me some insight and valuable information and pointed out a different path I had not seen before. Thank you.

  2. Diana Hallam

    Hi, Thank you so much for this site. I often log on at night when my tinnitus is bothering me and the rest of the family is sleeping. It helps me to get things into perspective and then get back to sleep. I wonder if it would be possible to do a show, or part of a show on night-time coping strategies. Maybe I’m not alone in finding this a difficult time. I guess the loneliness of the condition peaks at night. Plus, I’ve noticed a strange anomaly; when I go off to sleep the tinnitus can seem quieter, but then if I wake up in the night I find it’s got louder again and then I get distressed. How can this happen?! Bless you both for your continued work on this site. Really really appreciate your dedication and insights. Diana

  3. Dainis

    Dear Diana, yes, it helps to know you are not alone, alos, it makes perfect sense for the tinnitus to “get louder” at night and cause distress. In a recent Cure Tinnitus Show, Julian talked about sleep time being a time when we process all kinds of events, emotions, etc. So, your experience sounds normal.

    I can’t remember which show it was, something like Cure Tinnitus Show 14-18 or so, we ended with a direct technique for helping folks go to sleep. Since the Cure Tinnitus Shows generally end with an exercise, one approach may be to pick a show, let it download for a bit with pause pressed, and then grab the slider and place it about 10-15 minutes before the end of the show.

    Your browser should catch up and start playing the show from there.

    –PS: It was show #19, check it out…we ended with techniques for sleep…

    And you should be right around where the exercises begin. Also, let me know if you have Julian’s eBook yet. It contains several exercises that can really help when trying to get to sleep (or when woken up by tinnitus).

  4. Profile photo of mike michelmike michel

    great videos. thanks dainis and julian. i also take a 7.5 mg tablet of remeron. it’s NOT ototoxis (harmful to inner ear) and saved my life. it’s such a small dose at this points it’s a placebo. rmeron rules cause it’s so so mild but helps sleep. It’s not my plan to be on this forever but for this period of freaking out periodically it helps with sleep. May I also recommend a GREAT book for tinnitus sufferers. Dr Henry Emmons the chemistry of calm. He’s from my town, Minneapolis and his brain calming concepts and supplements are perfect for tinnitus people! You can get the book online…. Mike/Minneapolis

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