eCourse: Wellbeing

This YouTube video previews the relationship between tinnitus and wellbeing. Watch this video if you want to get to know us better before joining Register for the complimentary 7-Day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse ($24.95 value) to watch the wellbeing video.

When you register and log in, the full-length video is available below:

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7 thoughts on “eCourse: Wellbeing

  1. kevin hill

    Thank you for this video – Having some things to focus on, looking at the good things and what makes me feel OK is a great reminder. I will keep myself involved with your organization. I think you guys are doing great things for tinnitus and all of us sufferers.


  2. Bill Ashburner

    Thanks for allowing me to try and get a handle on what is happening with this newly developed Tinnitus.Mine doesn’t or hasn’t gotten ear piercing but very noticeble and quite irritating.I have some hearing loss from my time in the Navy(5″54 blast).So,before I found out about Tinnitus,I was really concerned with my hearing.Especially,since I’m a musician.I hope I’ll be able to continue with program as times are tough here in Alabama.Thanks again,Bill

  3. Percy Wentland

    Dear Friends –
    It sounds so nice that some one has something hopeful to offer in regard to Tinnitus. However, this is not very encouraging news for poor people. It has the earmarks of a money making business proposition, instead of an aim to help people with Tinnitus.

    I do have a question. Does your program also restore hearing or not?

    Percy ~

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Percy, I have done everything I could in my power to make sure this information is accessible to everyone. As awful as it sounds, if someone is completely desperate, they can join for a dollar for a full month, download everything, and cancel. People with tinnitus often have very uncomfortable, and frankly, unfair relationships with money. This website compiles literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of info, education, travel time, hardware, software, etc. The incredible progress of the internet makes it possible for you to experience Membership at a fraction of what it would cost for you to gather, compile, and implement the information for yourself. Hey, if you do decide to go for it on your own, let us know…you frequent flyer miles await…and we’ll support you the whole way! I mean that!

      About restoring hearing, your question would need to be placed in the appropriate context for it to be answered appropriately. This program is for people who’ve decided to heal themselves of tinnitus as best as they can. If you wish to restore your hearing, that’s not what this site is specifically designed for. Maybe there are such sites or doctors or clinics. Deafness can exist in a state of well being. Kind of like you can be in a good mood and only have one leg.

  4. Darren Smith

    So feeling good sitting on your chair and focusing on what is okay with that removes tinnitus?

    You are saying that it is mind over matter?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Experiencing feeling good is a great first step. Regarding mind over matter, well, we do have appropriate physical therapy as one of our main guidelines in the program, so mind over matter is a part of “it all,” but you could also say we look at “body over mind” as well.

      Our program is like a roadmap “out” from tinnitus. Also, I will say that I feel we have deep and unique insight into what tinnitus “is” and in what state it cannot exist.

      You’ll become aware of how your mind, your body, your life, even your personality or occupation can either contribute to tinnitus or “well being.” As you integrate knowledge with practice, tinnitus tends to recede. Often people experience plateaus or spikes, and the general trend is: management, reduction, silence. You can stop wherever you like on that path, and some people stop at management. Other people stop at reduction.

      Others reach silence.

      It can happen at varying speeds, but the state that is reached is one of “well being,” and in general, people wind up grateful for having had tinnitus.

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