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  1. s.

    i also believe there is a way through, i have experienced “silence”and well-being with TRT, temporarily-this was my window, i needed more information though as i didn’t know how to maintain the it.

  2. Chris

    I practised habituation naturally for over 20 years and it worked great. No one new I had tinnitus and this was my greatest strength. Now that I have come out of the closet, it has suddenly become an issue for me. Okay, so I’m trying to habituate once again. I thought tinnitus was normal and never gave it any power, this was my greatest asset!

    It suddenly became louder in 12/09 due to many factors, stress, deaths, ipod too loud, etc…

    I know it can go into remmission, or perhaps even be cured. This is my experience!

    I hope this short comment helps. I want to freely help anyone who suffers from T. Please let me know how I can help!

  3. Debbie Harris

    I first noticed the ringing in my ears November 1, 1977. It has been with me since then. Sometimes I can go for days without hearing it, other times it can get quite loud and intrusive. I just decided that I wanted to *cure* it — the medical people, plus others, say it’s incurable, but I’m sure it is indeed curable; that saying it is incurable is only a negative (and incorrect) suggestion. And when I googled tinnitus, I found your website, so I guess I’m ready to cure it. I’ve been doing self-hypnosis for years, but could never figure out what sort of suggestions to give myself to cure it, since whenever I try to do self-hypnosis for the tinnitus, it suddenly becomes VERY LOUD. So I’m hoping you will have some good suggestions for self-hypnosis. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hey Percy, ahh…no that would not be accurate. We offer a program that helps you attain physical, emotional, mental, and personal well being. You begin to “peel the layers” of tinnitus, it backs off some…sometimes people experience temporary spikes…then things settle more. We offer a thorough program that walks you step by step “out” from tinnitus. The rest of the videos explain more, and feel free to give me a call at 1 317 713 1177 if you have any further questions. That’s a 24/7 voicemail and I’m happy to call you back…

  4. Dainis

    Dear Robin, I’ve seen some of your posts here and am certain that you will be an excellent member of Improvement in tinnitus can be very rapid when one takes care of oneself properly, and our program outlines how to do just that…in a caring and loving way (appropriate to you, your character, and your life). Just head on over to scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a membership type that suits you. Here is a quick screenshot of the page with visual instructions: Talk soon, Dainis

  5. Darren


    I currently have Tinnitus and have so for about 8 months. I am 41 and otherwise very healthy.

    I am trying to understand how your program can help cure tinnitus using a good outlook onlife and well being. While I hope it does work, it was explained to me that due to a small amount of hearing loss my brain is now looking for those high pitched sounds it can no longer hear and therefore creates the tinnitus.

    I fail to see how you can simply have a good outlook to turn it off, it is a neurological disorder that cannot be remedied because the hearing can never be returned to normal. Please explain?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Darren,

      Why do you summarize our program as “use a good outlook on life and well being?” Have you read Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook and applied the 4 guidelines from our program?

      To explain, we guide you to choose appropriate physical and emotional/mental therapies that work for you. Your personal outlook is a part of things, and how you live your life certainly affects your health. We’ve covered the science and theory on various Cure Tinnitus Shows, to which members have access, which you can watch (risk free, money back guarantee, evaluate for $1 for a whole month), if you like.

      At our site, you learn from the collected knowledge of people who have already healed themselves. Does that help?

  6. Darren

    I guess my point is that I was told that Tinnitus is a result of hearing loss and as I said above, the brain makes up for those frequencys that it no longer hears, hence the ringing sound.

    So therefore, I fail to see how how watching a video about the “Theory” and “science” about the problem can actually cure it.

    I agree that how you live your life affects your health, that is a truism. But how I live my life does not affect the fact that the Tinnitus is there.
    Living a healthy life with a positive outlook is a great thing, but to relate this to a cure for tinnitus to me is akin to sticking your head in the sand.

    If it were as simple as wishing it away 99 percent of people would not be reading this website.

    As for using a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook to deal with tinnitus, I am all for that, but that is hardly a cure and really only a matter of pretending it is not there when medically and it is as the cause of it still remains and cannot be repaired.

    I am not trying to sound negative but am looking at this from a real point of view. Please correct me where I am wrong.


    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Darren: Where are you coming up with the assumption that we advocate “wishing tinnitus away?” Since you’ve asked, I can respectfully reply that you are “wrong” with certain parts of your logic. More “illogical” than wrong, but I’ll use the term “wrong” for now…

      You are wrong in that you haven’t yet made an assessment of what you are judging. It’s like saying “I don’t like Florida” without ever having been there.

      It’s not “bad” to be wrong, it’s just that continued reasoning based on false assumptions leads to shaky conclusions.

      Can you honestly say that seeking out people who have healed themselves is “sticking your head in the sand?” I benefit greatly from having made contact with people who’ve healed themselves as well as the therapists who’ve helped them.

      Our program is much more thorough than just “wishful thinking,” and I’d like to approach things in such a manner so that you can grasp that. I’m also perfectly happy with my efforts not working. If you want to call us a bunch of head in the sand wishful thinkers, that’s really OK with me. In general, people come to us when they are ready to create a therapeutic plan that will help them manage, reduce, and eliminate tinnitus.

      The thing about tinnitus “elimination” is that everyone (placed in complete silence) actually has tinnitus, so you can’t heal people from something that is a natural part of their immune systems. But you CAN heal from having heightened awareness of your tinnitus.

      There are a lot of assumptions in your message that bear to be tested. Conjecture is not a safe place to be when making decisions about your health. I’d much rather know the science, gather feedback and input, learn from those who’ve achieved what I’d like to achieve, and then move forward.

      Hey, and if that doesn’t work for you, I’m totally cool with that…you know? Don’t join then. It’s OK. If you want help, join. If you feel ready and right about joining, then join.

      It’s totally risk free, and you really don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

  7. Darren

    Hi, please dont take offense to what I wrote, I am merely asking questions.

    Can you explain this statement to me please?
    “The thing about tinnitus “elimination” is that everyone (placed in complete silence) actually has tinnitus, so you can’t heal people from something that is a natural part of their immune systems.”

    That is not true as prior to having tinnitus, I NEVER had any sound when placed in complete quiet.

    Again, in your last reply you speak of reducing, and eliminating Tinnitus, and that is fantastic if you can, but the reality is that you cannot eliminate it. In fact by saying you can you contradict yourself from the statement I quoated above.

  8. Kevin

    i really hope this works. when or if i join this(most likely when) that my tinnitus will go away. i would like to know how long it would take, like on average how long does it take, my tinnitus is brand new and i don’t want it to get worse since im still young and im sure that i will have alot of tragic emotional moments to make it worse when i get older. im thinking a little too much right now, just to draw the attention away from the noise, and its causing me to feel a little tense around the neck and shoulder area.

  9. Desmond Harrison

    Hi Team, I have recently joined. I have really bad tinnitis in my left ear and have been told that it is noise related and have had it for about 30 years. I am 61 years old and some days it drives me crazy. I have also started the 7 day complimentary course and reading comments from Darren have made me a bit sceptical. I’m not knocking Darren, I sort of feel the same way.
    Maybe i should tell you more about myself. Please help.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      I suggest you go with what feels right for you. Darren did not take the course. He did not apply our four Program Guidelines. His comments are based on unverified assumptions. We walk with you to find what works for you, and we allow people who’ve healed themselves (or who’ve helped others heal themselves)…we allow such people to guide us and teach us. That is what made sense to me, and it is the fundamental direction of this site: to find and do what works for you within…to apply our program guidelines and get better and better…to “clear the fog” of tinnitus and to enter into well being.


    Hi, Just been reading thro’ the thread of comments above and would like to add mine – especially to Darren [ if he drops by again at any time 😉 ] and any others who might be put off by Darren’s comments…] I am probably one of the biggest skeptics going…until I am convinced and then I embrace whatever I have chosen. I was convinced about this website after thoroughly reading it and understanding that NO-ONE is giving you false hope, or false promises. What I felt was being offered on this site is support and information while YOU go on a journey to find out why YOUR body created tinnitus and what YOU have to do to UNPICK the negative /stressful layers that resulted in your body manifesting tinnitus as a way of saying NOW YOU ARE LISTENING SO PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO SORT THIS OUT !! I am sure everyone understands your skepticism Darren- we’ve all been there- we’ve all been searching, searching, and probably tried a gazillion things,spent tons of money: some worked a little, for a little, some not at all… It’s early days for me, but I truly believe this will work, not only for my tinnitus, but I look forward to seeing the improvements I KNOW it will make in my life [stress ++] now that I am in the driving seat. I feel very empowered, and for me the time is right- ‘When The Students Ready The Teacher Will Appear’. I’m ready and very excited to see what unfolds as I ‘pay attention’ and the way for me is to do visualizations and exercises to clear the trapped vibrations associated with unresolved past stressors. This is all information I knew before, but because I believed that it was wishful thinking on my part because the received ‘wisdom’ was that TINNITUS CAN’T BE CURED…I was very half- hearted about it. This site has shown me that ONCE YOU GET RID OF THE STRESSORS, YOUR BODY WILL NO LONGER NEED TO MANIFEST TINNITUS :-). I will keep you all informed of my success and methods used 🙂 I suggest you read the Tinnitus Personality Darren- it was spot on for me !BTW I think Julian’s book is great. PS I have been reading about the conference calls – when are they? where can I find them on the site ?

    1. Denise Chapman

      Loved everything you said! I have had my tinnitus for almost 2 yrs.. it came on after very very stressful events… it’s almost like my body is in “flight or fight” mode all the time… except now, I feel more calm… the ringing is not as loud.. and I have accomplished that in just over a week! So I do believe that it can be cured and that Dr’s really know nothing about it. St. John’s Wort is really helping me sleep… I bought it 2 days ago and have slept like a baby 2 nights in a row… been a long time since I’ve done that! Good luck to you and everyone…

  11. Denise Chapman

    You guys have given me hope… my Dr. said just live with it… wouldn’t prescribe sleeping pills or anything else for that matter… and this has been driving me crazy! I’ve put myself on St. John’s Wort and I CAN SLEEP now! And because I can get rest, the ringing is less… and I am also taking serrapeptase… similar to wobenzym that is greatly used in Germany for tinnitus… so hoping it works for me… as well as getting tons of exercise and eating better… I think it’s true that tinnitus is a loud message that you are not taking care of yourself… so I am going to continue with these things and see how I make out. Thanks again for hope. Denise in BC, Canada.

  12. Denise Chapman

    Oh, I am also listening to Andrew Parr’s Tinnitus hypnosis… it’s a 12 part series and I think it was worth every cent at $60… it retrains the brain to put tinnitus in the background and it has also helped me to relax and de-stress.


    Just been reading thro’ the posts above. In response to Debbie’s post 4th March where she said ” …could never figure out what sort of suggestions to give myself to cure it, since whenever I try to do self-hypnosis for the tinnitus, it suddenly becomes VERY LOUD.”

    To me, the answer is in the statement. The tinnitus suddenly becoming very loud seems like the body reacting to you ‘treating the tinnitus’ as I’m sure what it REALLY wants you to do is to treat the unresolved issues that caused your nervous system to go into overwhelm and manifest the symptoms of tinnitus AS A WAY OF MAKING YOU PAY ATTENTION. The way I see it, treating the tinnitus is like sticking a band aid on a torn artery. I’d be interested to hear what others think. Like you Debbie, I also tried treating the tinnitus and had zero success. Since I’ve started my new approach, it’s early days, but I can already feel a shift – small, but I can feel it. I think the most important thing is that everything I have read on this site makes so much sense. It resonates with my own beliefs and I have rediscovered something that was a key factor of my personality – I was always a very positive person for whom HOPE was a given. That was taken away from me time and time again by the medical ‘experts’ who always insisted on being the harbingers of doom and gloom. This site has given me back HOPE and BELIEF and I’m so glad I found it!

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Marjorie, from my perspective, you are clearly on the path of liberation from tinnitus…and the shift is an orientation towards well being. It is wonderful to witness how the resonance of this website is affecting your healing plan.

    2. Denise Chapman

      I agree. We have to treat the underlying causes.. I’m on day 3 of blissful sleep and my “T” has lessened a lot… I would spend my nights fretting and worrying about everything from finances to ringing ears… now that I’m not doing that, I’m giving my body a chance to heal and break out of the “fight or flight” mode… I see healing on the horizon, too!

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      i’ll check into it…the RSS feed is not supposed to serve member content, so it’s kind of a technical issue…it may be that RSS works for members but not for guests…if you want to help troubleshoot, please feel free…you can use something like jing to take screenshots or even screencams to let me know what issue you are experiencing…

  14. Görkem YILMAZ


    I ‘ve “T” for about 3 years. I got it in the firing range when i was doing my military service. (By the way i am from Turkey.) It was not too bad at the begining but it is getting worse :(. What do you thing? I am not sure if i should continue to follow this site/program because i don’t want to have false hope. What do you suggest?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      hey, thanks for posting. there is nothing at all false about applying the 4 guidelines of our program presented on the cure tinnitus show #24 link. nothing. there is nothing false about reading julian’s ebook and following in his footsteps. check out the interview with jen battaglino. check out our youtube vids. there is nothing at all about tending to your well being. yes, often the first step is habituation…take that first step. habituate. we help you with that and many go well beyond mere habituation. because i spent tens of thousands of dollars compiling this info at…maybe even a hundred thousand…i suggest one of two options: 1) travel the world, make a website to track your progress, and dedicate to healing yourself and helping others. 2) join and use our resources to your beneft. hmm…maybe you could do both! Smiles, Dainis

  15. Görkem YILMAZ

    Thanks Dainis,

    I am currently following 7-Day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse (day3). I think i ‘ll join you at the end of this course.

  16. Profile photo of bradley66bradley66

    I started out with PTSD in April of 2011 and tinnitus started in June of that year. The left ear is the worse but overall the tinnitus is getting louder. I have tried many CBT approaches, including the MBTSR course and except for short periods tinnitus has been my only focus. I have tried rTMS with no help, and antidepressants, such as Nortriptyline and now Zoloft; the Nortriptyline helped somewhat with my response to tinnitus, but certain side effects made be discontinue. I have been on Zoloft for only 2 weeks but anxiety so far has increased on it,; consequently so has the tinnitus. Has anyone out there have experience with Zoloft?
    Thank You,
    Bradley 66

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