eCourse: If you've Recently Acquired Tinnitus…

Watch this YouTube video if you’ve recently acquired tinnitus and want to get to know us better before joining You can now get the 7-Day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse ($24.95 value) for FREE. Visit the site and register for your free course.

When you are registered and logged in, the full-length video is available below:

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4 thoughts on “eCourse: If you've Recently Acquired Tinnitus…

  1. Bernice

    Just been confirmed as entitled to the free 7 day Course.
    Yet not able to access the full length vid on u tube.
    What do I do to access this please as part of the FREE 7 day offer.
    Thanks Bernice

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      pretty sure i replied via email a year back. for those who see this question here — right, the videos are not available on YouTube, to gain access, subscribe to the eCourse via the free sign up form usually on the right hand side of the site.

  2. Profile photo of TudiTudi

    Dear Dainis,

    I have some days when I feel the T will soon go away. Then I have days that I feel the it has ruined my life ( and that I actually ruin my life by making that jaw surgery that may have caused this) and that it will never go away or maybe only when I will be old. It these bad days is seems to me that the strugle is not worth it and that life should not be lived like this. I see and read about a lot of people that never got rid of it or got rid of it after 10-20 years, which dicourages me a lot. Last night for example I went out with my friends and drinked 3 glasses of wine, and when I came back home I realized that the sound was louder. My psycotherapist is telling me that after I will overcome my fears the tinnitus is going to vanish, my acupunctuurist is telling me that it will vanish one day. Buut actualy the only person in the world that I saw and heard to eliminate it 100% is Julian Howard Hill ( and after 20 years of struggle) . Altough I do believe in what he is saying, sometimes my mind is telling me that I should not believe 100%, because probably mine T was caused by something related to that surgery ( change of muuscles or nerves or ears sensations) . I also saw on a person that said that she had T for 14 years because of a a jaw surgery…so maybe there is no hope for some of us. Not even you he helped so many other have not cured it. Not even Peter Tobey who says he is cured, din not manage to eliminate it. I wrote to dr. Hans Greuel for an advice but he did not answer, so maybe he is also not sure on his treatment or if it is curable ( the only person that it is known to have cured by him is Karin Peperkorn, who can not be found, so maybe it was all made for marketing) . I tried to buy Julian’s book but unfortunatly a have a Maestro Card and it did not work, I will make a visa card this week.
    Maybe it is true that this condition is uncurable. Otherwise why would all the doctors say so, and States governemant pay so much money on research if it could be cured. I do not want to upset you. Your emails have been like a glance of hope, but maybe that is all that we should expect…hope and nothing else. 90% percent of the people that I seen on the internet say they could not cure it and they have to live with it. All the doctors say that there is nor cure for such a condition. I only scenario in which they say you can cure it is finding out the route of the problem and fixing that and after that hoping that the symptom will go away, But this may take several years if you would be able to find it. So…what is there for us to believe? How could we believe that this is curable and that one day we will be able to sit in quiet room and hear only our breathing ?
    Last night I saw a movie on the internet made by ATA about tinnitus – the devil`s symphony . And all the people in the movie said that they tried everything nutrition, vitamins, relaxation, yoga, acupuncture, osteopathy, well-being, they traveled from Israel to India for diffrent kind of treatments and none of them worked, so practically they did the same things that we are told to do here, but for them it did not work so why it would work for us? Where is the difference?

    Yours sincerley,


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