Cure Tinnitus Show #15

Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #15 was recorded Monday January 11, 2:00PM GMT (London Time). Thank you for your questions, participation, and for your kind feedback.

Here is a YouTube excerpt, for folks just getting to know us at Logged in members can view the full-length video below.

Emailed Question (please post at the show link in the future…)

I do have a potential question or two for the next one:

1. Julian (or “Jules” 🙂 ) often talks about a personality type (“driven, focused, successful”) that he encounters in his practice and mentions that it is very typical for tinnitus sufferers. What about those who are not driven or focused, who lack motivation and have not been particularly successful in terms of their careers, who still suffer from tinnitus?

2. Julian often refers to “body work”. Is he mainly referring to cranio sacral therapy or is he including yoga, pilates, etc.?

I just wanted to thank you for another good discussion and know that it means so much to know you and Julian are there.

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