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Is Tinnitus Curable? founder Dainis W. Michel asks around to see what experts Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T, Dr. Hans Greuel MD, Paul Tobey, and Kevin Hogan think about whether tinnitus is curable or not.

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Walk for a Cure

As some of you may already know, the ATA is doing a walk for the cure on May 16, 2009. There is a physical walk in Irvine Regional Park and a virtual walk online.  All donations to to the walk or in support of walkers will help fund research, just like the research going on at UCI. Just go to for more info.

As I am a student/part time worker, money has always been an issue, so I will be a walker and gathering sponsors as well (if anyone is willing to support my walk i would be eternally grateful).  Whether or not the ATA will ever come up with a “cure” is debatable, but more research and treatments couldn’t hurt.

All the best,

-Jeff Dennison

Taming the Mighty Tinnitey Comedy Video Cooperation and Idea Evaluation

I wanted to ask you about possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done. In attempting to bring a bit of comedy into the tinnitus drama, I created this video called “The Mighty Tinnitey.” It’s here:

But before you even press play (if you haven’t already), it’s been up for a while and has gotten all of 21 hits, and just maybe, deservedly so. It really is totally ridiculous. I don’t even know why I put it out there.

Except that when I just watched it before writing this to you, it made me laugh. Now it’s me making myself laugh and I have no idea if my sense of humor even relates to yours or even comes anywhere close to “normal.” For example, I really like the movie “Galaxy Quest.” Does that make me crazy, goofy, dumb, silly…?

Anyway I had this totally crazy idea, and that is to create a short video together as a community.

The name would be something like: Tinnitus: Tamin’ the Mighty Tinnitey

It would be a cartoon or something like that in which the Mighty Tinnitey gets tamed by taking “him” out of fight or flight and into well-being.

There would be a really loud constant ring that moves into silence over the course of the video.

It would be like a symbol of what we are doing at, and I can do at least some of the voices if not all of them. But I seriously can’t draw. I guess I could use my hands and make some kind of hand-puppet episode, but would that be cool or funny or just plain stupid?

The idea is to tame the “Mighty Tinnitey” with a funny short cartoon/video that we created together as a community.

The opening could feature a second or two of the Tinnitus Characteristics we’ve learned about:

High powered life

then the overachiever turns into the Mighty Tinnitey

Or this amorphous blob energy thing slams down into the person and rages out of his/her ears and the person gets “T.”

We then show the main components of what we are learning at Lifestyle, Therapy, Body Work, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical levels, Having a Support Network to Let Go into, etc.

…and we tame the Mighty Tinnitey…all in a short funny video.


a) would that be cool?
b) can you help out, because I basically don’t have the skills to do this
c) would it be funny or worth it?

OK…wanted to get that out to you!


Cure Tinnitus Show #5

I kicked this show off with possibly the most antagonistic question I’ve ever posed Julian. The credibility of this site, his credibility, and our entire effort at is put to the test. After a jolting start, this show wound up being quite soothing. I hope that I represented the “anger” in and with tinnitus well, and that this show serves our community long long long into the future.


Available to members below…

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Here is a YouTube Show Excerpt for folks getting to know us. The Complete Archived Show is available for members above

Transcript Available for members below (preview for visitors)

Show #5

Dainis:  Welcome everyone and welcome to the 5th episode of the Cure Tinnitus show. My name is Dainis Michel. I’m your host and we have Julian Cowan Hill as our guest expert.  Julian had tinnitus for 20 yrs and he healed himself.  He is a craniosacral therapist and he works with core process psychology and Buddhist psychology and has over 3000 hours of work with  clients and he has dedicated himself to helping us get better with tinnitus so Julian thank you very much for joining us and for being here and helping us.  I’ll tell you about how the structure of the show is.  I’ll start with a few announcements and then we’re going to cover questions that I gathered during the week and then we’re going to do a one on one session between me and Julian about my personal tinnitus and after that all of will be able to do an exercise together.

As questions come up in your mind just chat them over and we’ll have time to focus on your questions towards the end of the show.  One of the announcements that I’ve got is really interesting.  Its kind of the theme for this show:  and the theme for this show is what relieves and what aggravates tinnitus.  We have a post on that in the community on what aggravates and what relieves tinnitus.  So let’s just keep that in the backs of our minds as we go through the show.  One of the announcements was about an article  that’s available to the community  “what are tinnitus people like?” and that’s actually from Tinnitus:  From Tyrant to Friend” that Julian wrote.

A member wrote:  “That list is somewhat frightening especially when I can identify with at least 80% of it.  But with the help of this site I am leaning to deal with such things and my tinnitus is becoming less and less noticeable.”   Isn’t that neat? And I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing what’s working for you, thank you.   Another announcement is that I discontinued the free membership preview in the format that it was in before.  We will have some free “getting to know you” content for e-mail subscribers so you can keep that in mind if and when you recommend “ to people.  These curetinnitus shows are going to become more private in the future. I’m not sure about the details of that but we’ve got a lot of efforts going outward and it’s going to become important for as an electronic and online community to develop reciprocity and fair exchange and just not broadcast out but in the sense of community to make them a little more private because right now we’re just available to everyone.  I interviewed Paul Tobey who is a pianist Wednesday of last week and I want to let everybody know that after the interview I was editing it and my wife looked over my shoulder and she heard a little bit of it and she wanted to watch the whole thing so we wound up watching the whole thing before going to bed.  So there’s an interview with Paul Tobey.  He’s created a product called “tinnitus-free living” and you can check that out on the member area.  Somebody sent us a comment saying “I’d like to see a deep relaxation package/product with soothing music, guided meditations, a self-help questionnaire and resource material.”  Thank you very much for helping let us know how we can serve you better.  That’s a big part of the community.  For you to let us know what we can do for you.  We do have some meditations and there are some exercises in Julian’s book, Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend” and we’re working on putting together some meditations with music.  We’re still looking at how we can do that best.  Again, I do have a satisfaction survey where I’m going to be calling members for a 15 min survey on your experiences at and that’s going to start on Monday May 11.  I’ll have a post in the community about that and I’ll be able to make direct contact with members who choose to participate and I can ask them how they like it and what we can do better.

Just so you know, Julian and I have been working on a “recently acquired tinnitus” product and it’s been really fun and it’s been really engaging so we’re putting that together and it’s turning out to be really fun.

On to questions gathered.  I’ve got a steamy one. This is SO nasty.
Are you ready?

“I find your claims, Mr. Michel, to cure tinnitus to be a bit arrogant when experts like the doctors at OHSU (and I mean no disrespect to doctors I’m just emphasizing the word doctors) admit they don’t have the answers. Just what are your credentials to be appearing as a self-proclaimed expert and guru here.  I see no medical referencing credentials regarding yourself. The writing I see here causes me to put you in the same boat as Dr. Phil and that is sad that you choose to self-create such a phony persona.  The latest dribble you e-mailed just proves that to me.  Too bad that many many real people are seeking relief but I won’t follow a self-proclaimed guru with no reality check.”

Now Julian, I don’t know if you want to respond to that.  I have a bit of a response.  Maybe I can do that first which is “who is this person talking to?  Is this person talking to you?  Or is this person talking to me? Is this person talking to Kevin Hogan or Dr. Mike Matthews from who is a retired family practitioner but he then joined our community and made a few posts. Are you talking to Paul Tobey?   Maybe, Julian, you can do a better job of responding.

Julian:  Well, this person sounds very angry and I don’t think this program is about gurus at all. A guru is when you put someone up on a pedestal.  I think this is hopefully a more human brotherhood where we are just helping our fellows here and gathering positive results from people who have learned how to help their own T and sharing that with other people  It’s a great benefit and that’s certainly where I’m coming from and I guess that’s my sense of you, Dainis, where you’re coming from.  I’d like to ask this person to consider what it’s like being in my shoes where I had tinnitus extremely badly and I wasn’t able to hold down a job and I couldn’t hear the phone ring.  I found it extremely hard just listening and talking to people because of the tinnitus.  It got in the way of everything.  I was kind of deafened by it.  And when it’s bad….I really know what it’s like to have bad tinnitus and I don’t want to go into the gory details. And to go from that state, really on the extreme scale, to not having it at all, is quite a journey.  My life is completely changed and I’ve learned an awful lot about this symptom along the way.  One of the things that really motivates me is the fact that I went to get help for my tinnitus and I took the conventional route.  I went to a doctor who said “oh it looks like you’ve got tinnitus, there’s nothing you can do about it.  I’m going to refer you to an ENT surgeon.”  So I went to the ENT surgeon, did some tests, had a long chat.  He was a nice guy and he said “well, I’m afraid you’ve got tinnitus and there’s nothing you can do about it and by the way you’re deaf…you need a hearing aid.”  And that came as one hell of a shock.  I didn’t really understand anything about tinnitus at the time and I didn’t really know what to do and I didn’t have anywhere to go and I kind of crumpled for a couple of months and the state that I went into caused my tinnitus to get even worse.  Anyway, to cut a long story short , when you learn what helps and when you help hundreds of people, you become very motivated to continue helping people and I’m just a person who’s helped his own tinnitus.  I don’t like the word guru, I don’t like the hierarchy that that suggests.  And I think people that are extremely angry, and I come across lots of tinnitus people who are seething with anger and who want to be quite aggressive, who want to blame other people. You know it can be like hissing snakes, wanting to fire venom at other people.  We all know what it’s like to be in this state and it’s quite unpleasant. For all involved.  And tinnitus absolutely loves this.  This is one of the best states we can be in to have tinnitus so when I meet people like this, when I work as a therapist, and not as a member of the community, sharing things I’ve learned for the benefit of others, but when I work as a therapist with a client, and when they’re throwing daggers and espousing fire out of their nostrils, when the energy is really really strong it’s really important to help these people find a way of cooling down, releasing, discharging all this very challenging energy and sometimes as a therapy you get it directed at you but that’s part of the process and with angry people, like this guy, what I really really recommend is finding a safe channel to physically express this anger.  And that might be going to the gym and taking it out on the weight machines or thundering up and down the swimming pool or stamping up to the top of a mountain and yelling at the top of your head. It’s going to become really important to let this anger to come through processes and let it settle because the more it settles the more the tinnitus will back off.  And I’m speaking with thousands of hours of experience here, working with angry people and I really wish people well with anger because anger is very infections, it affects people immediately and it’s really hard to see through to what really maters.  That’s my general response to this guy.

Dainis: Thank you very much,  I’m fine w/moving on the next question. [Accessible to members with access to "Module 1" only. Members receive self-paced or guided support and can try a complimentary program to get to know us better. Visit for more information]

What relieves and what aggravates tinnitus?

What relieves tinnitus?

Body-based activities
Focussing on a candle, fire
Being listened to
Eating well in good company
Calming music
Sound of water, wind, rain
Sound of kids playing, laughter
Chilled radio station
Foot massage
Enjoyable work
Life-affirming film
Having a good cry
tai chi
Alexander therapy
Craniosacral therapy
A good night’s sleep
Going on holiday
Clear relationship boundaries
Body-based focussing
Exploring new things
Feeling safe and secure
Feeling supported
Belonging to a group
Making new friends
Physical contact
Being moved
The natural world
Inspiring others
Being inspired by others
Healthy living
Making love
Allowing awareness to open
Studying something new
Art or craft
Slow calm activities
Being by a river
Lying in a hammock
Falling asleep during the day-time
Focusing on eating when you eat
Burning lavender, rose, neroli oil
Getting away from it all
Spiritual practice
Soaking up Amazing views
Appreciating the basics of life
Half-full not half-empty
Tickling each other
Helping others
Being generous
Downsizing to a realistic amount
Respecting self and others
Good stories
Being honest and open
Not needing to achieve
Being good enough
Connecting to the larger picture
Feeling grateful
Being allowed to make mistakes
Letting things be
Steady regular exercise
Clear identity
Personal space
Managing change gently
Looking after yourself lovingly
Letting things be
Living through the body

What aggravates tinnitus?

Needing to achieve
Being overambitious
Never good enough
Bombarding the mind with TV
Too much stimulation
Being a perfectionist
Being too meticulous
Bad night’s sleep
Clubbing, loud concerts
Recreational drugs
Watching the news
Receiving Bad news
Needy clingy people
Being dumped on
Too much pressure
Money problems
Court cases
Relationship stress
Moving house
Surgical operations
Some medication
Emotional trauma
Physical trauma
Mental trauma
Spiritual crisis
Threatening behaviour
Loud noise
Horror/gory films
Doom & gloom
Bottling things up
Head colds
Taking on too much
Casual adrenal sex
Feeling unloved
Unclear boundaries with people
Unexpressed emotion
Unresolved childhood patterns
Eating rubbish
Chronic tiredness
Masses and crowds
Too much visual stimulation
Electronic lifestyles
Lack of human contact
High speed activities
Dangerous sports
Extreme cold or heat
Irregular eating habits
Beating yourself up
Forcing things
Drastic sudden change
Blaming others
No exercise
Being taken over
Invaded personal space
Living in your thoughts
Acoustic Nerve damage
Acoustic Neuroma
Physical Trauma
Blow to the head
Clenching teeth
Jutting Jaw
TMJ problems
Dental trauma
Listening out too much

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