1: What to expect from this RAT (Recently Acquired Tinnitus) course and welcome to it

Video: What to expect from this RAT (Recently Acquired Tinnitus) course and welcome to it

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10 thoughts on “1: What to expect from this RAT (Recently Acquired Tinnitus) course and welcome to it

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        Thank you for your replies re tinnitus time periods and visual snow.

        I’ve had it for just over 7 months now, and it’s only been bothersome over the last 4 or 5. I am definitely ready to act. I have reached the point now where I believe it is possible to leave the tinnitus behind however I am still quite susceptible to negativity regarding tinnitus i.e. I need to keep clear of anyone and anything who is remotely negative about it.

        I started doing yoga a few months ago, and am trying to get into the routine of meditation, but I still feel there is something holding me back from leaving the tinnitus behind. Something is missing from my plan. The yoga has definitely been beneficial in terms of worrying less about the tinnitus and on 2 occasions the tinnitus has almost completely disappeared for around 5-10 minutes after an intense yoga session but it almost comes back with a vengeance afterwards, haha. I have also been getting some acupuncture.

        I have recently started suffering from visual snow also, but I believe it could be a product of stress caused by the tinnitus and hope I may be able to solve this problem in a similar way to tinnitus. I have the odd day where I am happy I have tinnitus because I truly believe I am capable of defeating it and feel excited by the prospect of the personal growth I will undergo on the road to recovery, but I still have plenty of bad days too.

        This programme is something I am definitely considering as I feel I need more of a structure in order to keep me thinking positively to avoid “panic” moments which may undo any positive progress. It seems it is difficult to make it better, but very easy to make worse which is what makes it such a difficult condition to free yourself from. I do think overall, so far, the yoga, meditation has improved it slightly. It definitely isn’t as severe as it has been in the past.

        Best wishes

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        Also, I do think some of the typical tinnitus person characteristics apply to me, but not all. I can definitely be lazy so that one certainly doesn’t apply to me, haha. But I do worry too much, and over think things, and can be quite an intense character.

        Best wishes

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    Another question: have you worked with many people who suffer from both tinnitus and things such as visual snow? If so, do you think there is a link between them in terms of the theory about calming the nervous system down?

    Best regards

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      anything that helps calm an agitated nervous system is wonderful. really.

      i recently got a massage and just said that i had experienced a significant shock. we don’t always need to mention tinnitus, really, we don’t. we can just say “i am feeling really stressed,” and that is it.

      if you don’t really “feel stressed,” maybe you feel numb. also: what do others say about you and your lifestyle — would others be able to “find you” in the lists of “tinnitus person” characteristics available on this website?

      anyway, i would say that the 5 CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines can be used by anyone with a stress-related condition.

      taking care of yourself properly is not only “good medicine,” it’s also just plain: a good idea.


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